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Forging Full Speed Ahead in 90 Days: City of Aventura Mayor Howard S. Weinberg, Esq. Propels Progression of Municipality within First Three Months in Office

By Joyce R. Forchion - LOVE Aventura

April 7, 2023

City of Aventura Mayor Howard S. Weinberg, Esq. personifies the phrase “hit the ground running” by actualizing commitments made during his 2022 election campaign, all within his first 90 days in office. The former two-term City Commissioner was sworn into office on November 15, 2022, and immediately established the groundwork to engage the region’s workforce with incentives, offer support to families seeking sustainable community resources, and develop a wider scope of educational options to students residing in the neighborhood.

His successful– and unopposed– mayoral campaign is attributed to his assertive approach to proposing policies promoting the City’s transparency and large-scale projects forging diversity and inclusiveness, which are priorities catalyzing his era of leadership.

“As soon as I entered office, I had the unique opportunity to represent the City of Aventura on a global scale in Athens, Greece during the second annual international Mayors Summit Against Antisemitism (MSAA). As a newly elected Mayor, I was fortunate to attend and position Aventura in a leadership role in the fight against hate because that’s the opposite of what our city stands for,” Weinberg said. “Building bridges, both nationally and internationally, is the goal here. Standing alongside other mayors on an international stage– all of whom represented different races and nationalities– is indicative of the type of inclusivity our commission will uphold within the city, and it’s just the beginning.”

Weinberg, a corporate attorney and senior vice president of business and development for Hotwire Communications, is committed to preserving the traditional neighborhood vibe for approximately 40,000 residents of the coastal community, along with creating new memories constituents can cherish for years to come. “The swearing in ceremony was remarkable because there were three new commissioners being sworn in at the same time; four of the seven have been brand-new in terms of the majority. That evening was so magical and full of positive energy, and the commission chambers have never had a standing-room-only crowd of 250 guests,” he said. “Later that evening, the city came together to give back to the residents with a complimentary celebration at the Hilton Miami Aventura, so it was refreshing to experience a neighborhood-style event welcoming our new leaders to the forefront. We have a great commission, and I am so fortunate that I get the chance to serve with these people.”

Speaking of celebrations, Mayor Weinberg acknowledges Aventura’s burgeoning nightlife and shares that more destinations and attractions for entertainment are in the works. “We are grounded in our identity as a happy hour and dining destination with international flavor, and we hope to incorporate more live music venues in the future, such as piano bars offering vocal performances and jazz,” he said. “Our fine dining options offering a relaxed vibe will further solidify our neighborhood feel. For instance, our Esplanade at Aventura restaurants will be unveiled soon, along with our bowling and bocce concepts. Plus, the convenience of the Brightline train is expanding, alleviating traffic and driving woes for countless individuals traveling to and from our city each day. The goal is to further establish Aventura as a city where one can live, work, and play without ever having to leave.”

After conceptualizing Aventura’s signature ride-sharing service Freebee, which now has 10 vehicles in operation, Weinberg has his sights centered on launching his Hero Housing concept, which requires a public / private partnership enabling luxury, residential high-rise rentals allocating 20% of the units for Aventura’s crucial workforce, including teachers, police officers, and service workers employed by the City of Aventura. “In this economy, recruitment and retention are challenges without providing affordable housing options to our valued staff; the hard-working people who are responsible for running our city every day. Offering luxury apartments at below-market rates will incentivize living and working within the city, with additional benefits to those seeking to renew their one-year leases if they decide to stay within the neighborhood in which they work.”

Mayor Weinberg is already envisioning the state of the city years into the future and encourages residents to volunteer for special events and serve on the City’s various Advisory Boards for the arts, education, and community services. “I foresee taking the City of Excellence and making it even more Excellent with each passing year,” he said. “We’ll have more dining options, an expanded Freebee ride sharing program so people don’t have to worry about taking the car out of the garage, and more public/private partnerships to build another school to accommodate students seeking enrollment in our A+ rated educational system. Though we’re working within a 3.5-mile radius, we aren’t limiting ourselves and intend to expand our top-rated schools. We owe it to our parents to give more options to their children, so we’re committed to getting it done.”

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