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Dr. Steve Fein: Founder of Fem Infusion Centers

May 15, 2024

Iron Deficiency, A Growing Concern Among Women. Women have hematology concerns throughout life, including clotting, bleeding, and abnormal blood counts. Many experience weakness, headaches, dizziness and many more symptoms that affect their quality of life. In a recent article published by The New York Times on October 17, Alisha Gupta shed light on a concerning statistic: 35% of young women in the United States are grappling with low iron levels. Despite its prevalence, the issue often goes undetected due to a lack of awareness among women and their healthcare providers.

According to the latest guidelines from the FIGO Ob/Gyn society, it is recommended that all women undergo iron testing "throughout their life," especially during pregnancies, to combat this pervasive problem.

Since 2020, efforts have been underway to raise awareness about the seriousness of Iron Deficiency. The ramifications are substantial; women suffering from Iron Deficiency experience fatigue and cognitive impairment, while pregnant women face an increased risk of complications during childbirth. Moreover, babies born to mothers with Iron Deficiency are at risk of developmental issues, and the mothers themselves may experience Postpartum Depression.

This issue also exacerbates gender and racial inequalities. Women are expected to have lower blood hemoglobin levels than men, affecting their ability to concentrate at work and potentially leading to more missed days. Furthermore, teenage girls with low iron may struggle academically, perpetuating educational disparities. Iron Deficiency disproportionately affects Hispanic and African American women and their infants, highlighting broader racial inequalities in healthcare.

Traditional oral iron supplements often fall short in addressing Iron Deficiency due to poor absorption and insufficient iron content. Instead, iron infusions have emerged as a more effective and safer alternative, steadily gaining popularity among women and their healthcare providers.

However, overcoming this public health challenge requires addressing various barriers, including the lack of awareness, understanding, and access to infusion centers. In response, the establishment of Fem Iron Infusions Centers in 2021 has aimed to bridge these gaps. By offering education, telemedicine consultations, and iron infusions, these centers have already made a significant impact, having administered 10,000 infusions and improved the lives of 5,000 women and their children.

Their team is made up of experienced and knowledgeable infusion nurses, advanced practice providers, and physicians. They are passionate about helping their patients achieve their health goals, and are committed to providing the highest quality care and customer service.

To tackle this epidemic collectively, it is imperative to encourage young women to undergo Ferritin testing for iron levels, either through their healthcare providers or dedicated facilities like Fem Iron Infusions. Together, let us confront this pressing issue.

For more information or to schedule a consultation, contact Heme On Call, a telemedicine-based hematology practice specializing in Women's Health Hematology at: (786) 567-8310. Or visit us online at:

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