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City of Hollywood Charter Review Committee Members Needed

December 22, 2022

The City of Hollywood has a Charter Review process established by the City Commission that includes a Charter Review Committee made up of nine members with a representative from each District and two appointed at large. Every six years, a committee is formed to review the City Charter, make recommendations as to whether a provision should be changed, remain the same, be deleted, or new provisions added.

Charter amendments would then go before voters. In anticipation of the next vote in 2024, Committee appointments will be made March 2023, dependent upon number of qualified applicants. The committee will meet monthly to form recommendations which will be presented to the City Commission by June 2024.

• Board and Committee meetings may require day or evening attendance. By accepting appointment to a Board or Committee, you are affirming your ability to attend meetings as scheduled.

• Some positions require City of Hollywood residency. Once received, all application materials become the property of the City of Hollywood. Carefully read the handbook for the opening you are applying for:

• The Board and Committee members serve on a voluntary basis. Annual appointments are done at a Special Commission meeting in May of each year.

A Message From The Mayor For Applicants

Dear Fellow Residents and Volunteers, Thank you for your interest in the City’s Advisory Boards and Committees. The volunteers who serve on these boards contribute to the success of the City of Hollywood in countless ways both big and small. Prior to being elected Mayor, it was my pleasure to be appointed to one of these boards and I thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to meet new people, gain a better understanding of City government and play a part as a resident and business owner in moving the City of Hollywood forward.

People volunteer for an endless variety of reasons. Some want to gain experience, acquire new skills, expand their network of contacts or simply give back to their community. One thing you almost always hear from people who volunteer is that it “feels good” to help others, promote worthwhile causes or make the community a better place to live. Whatever your interest, the City of Hollywood welcomes you to consider applying to be a part of one of the advisory boards and committees established by the City Commission. By getting involved, you’ll have a chance to provide new insights and expertise that can help guide the policy-making process.

As someone who grew up in Hollywood and is deeply invested in the community, I want you to know that I am committed to ensuring our City lives up to the vision of its founder, Joseph Young, who wanted to create a “dream city by the sea” for everyone to enjoy. Since its incorporation in 1925, Hollywood has grown into one of the largest cities in Florida and has become a sought after destination for visitors from around the globe. With our diverse and distinctive neighborhoods, our historic beach Broadwalk, a vibrant downtown with numerous cultural attractions and year-round special events, Hollywood offers a hometown vibe in the heart of South Florida.

I, along with my fellow Commission members, sincerely appreciate your interest in exploring opportunities to put your talent and skills to work for the betterment of the City. We believe the ideas and energy our residents bring to bear on topics that impact their lives results in better government and better public policy.

Sincerely, Josh Levy - Mayor of Hollywood

If you are interested in serving on the Charter Review Committee, please apply online by going to the Boards and Committees page of the City’s website, Deadline to submit application is Thursday, February 2, 2023. For more information, please contact Patricia A. Cerny, City Clerk at: (954) 921-3211. Or:

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