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Changing The Future: City of Hallandale Beach Adopts Their First Climate Action Plan

By Alyssa Jones Wood - Hallandale Beach Sustainability & Resiliency Officer

September 9, 2021

Left to right: Dr. Jeremy Earle (Hallandale Beach City Manager), Alyssa Jones Wood (Sustainability & Resiliency Officer), and Noemy Sandoval (Assistant City Manager). Standing in front of three of the City’s four electric vehicles in their fleet. As they purchase and/or replace vehicles in the city’s light-duty administrative fleet, they’re selecting electric vehicles to reduce emissions and costs.

This month, the City of Hallandale Beach City Commission made history with the adoption of the City’s first Climate Action Plan, approved on a 3-0 vote. With a commitment to climate equity, the Plan includes 54 strategies for reducing the City of Hallandale Beach’s greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) and improving quality of life. The plan serves as a pathway to reduce emissions 50% by 2030, the first step in City’s goal to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050.

“The City of Hallandale Beach has committed to being an active part of the solution in terms of taking the steps to reducing our emissions, embracing sustainability, and bringing climate change and its impact on people to the forefront of our decision making process”, said City Manager Dr. Jeremy Earle

"I'm proud of Hallandale Beach for adopting the 50by30 Climate Action Plan. Our city acknowledges the peril our future is in if we don't drastically reduce greenhouse gas emissions to build a sustainable world for the next generations to come. We've already experienced serious, tangible impacts from climate change that our residents have suffered through. I look forward to working hand in hand with partners to implement the 54 actions recommended in this visionary, community focused Climate Change Action Plan." Commissioner Sabrina Javellana

The Plan was developed with an extensive public engagement process which lasted approximately a year and involved more than 450 individuals. City staff collected public input in the form of an online survey, a 24/7 webpage available in multiple languages, and a public meeting.

“I know the detriment that flooding can cause because of inclement weather & because of climate change. Climate Change is not only a threat to structural engineering obviously, but it has a definite impact on social interaction, on communities… it has a social consequence. There are intersections with climate change and health and human services, and these are the things we have to look at,” said Darcell Streeter, member of the City’s Sustainability & Flood Mitigation Advisory Board.

Actions in the Plan span from establishing building performance standards/benchmarking to strategically planting trees in area of the City which suffer most from the urban heat island effect. Actions are separated into “Action Pathways” which correspond both with sectors of the community which emit the most greenhouse gasses and also quality of life improvements that the community suggested. Almost every action has an associated equity consideration to ensure that the actions taken equitably distribute benefits and avoid or correct for potential burdens.

“I’m thrilled with the work that we’ve done and am so happy to see this adopted tonight”, said Vice Mayor Butler.

“After over a year in development, I’m excited to see the actions in our Climate Action Plan coming to light. We’re going to hit the ground running,” said Alyssa Jones Wood, the City’s Sustainability & Resiliency Officer.

The full 50by30: Hallandale Beach’s Climate Action Plan can be found at

The Plan itself is accompanied by a “How can you support the Climate Action Plan” handout for residents, business owners, and activists which can be found at

About the City of Hallandale Beach
The City of Hallandale Beach is dedicated to enhancing the quality of life of the community in a fiscally responsible manner by providing superior services that meet the needs of our community as well as plan for their future needs through continued communication.

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