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Aventura Provides Defensive Driving Course for Mature Drivers

November 8, 2022

The City of Aventura in partnership with AAA will provide defensive driving courses later this month for mature drivers.

Older Americans today are healthier and more active than ever before. The aging baby boomer generation is the fastest-growing demographic in the U.S. By 2030, there will be more than 70 million people age 65 and older, and approximately 85-90 percent of them will be licensed to drive. In fact, seniors are outliving their ability to drive safely by an average of 7-10 years and for the first time in history, we must plan for our “driving retirement” just as we plan for our financial retirement.

Senior drivers are among the safest drivers on the road and often reduce their risk of injury by wearing safety belts, not drinking and driving and by observing speed limits; however, seniors are more likely to be injured or killed in a crash due to age-related fragility. With the exception of teenagers, seniors have the highest crash death rate per mile driven. As we age, our ability to drive safely is affected by natural changes to our bodies over time.

Driving is a skill that can and should be continually improved. Taking a comprehensive driving improvement course will ensure that you have the most up-to-date driving techniques and understand the latest vehicle technologies. As you age, it is important for senior drivers to know and understand how to adjust for slower reflexes, weaker vision and other changes.

The City of Aventura in partnership with AAA is dedicated to keeping seniors driving for as long as safely possible. They also are committed to promoting viable transportation options for seniors who can no longer drive independently. Such as the Aventura Express Shuttle Bus - and the Freebee Ride Service (Aventura Route Only) -

This course was created specifically for drivers 55 and older. The class will provide tips and techniques to help experienced drivers compensate for changing vision, reflexes and response time, as well as understanding how prescription medications may affect driving. This two-day course will sharpen driving skills. The program is designed to help senior drivers be safer while staying behind the wheel longer. The course is intended to reduce risk behind the wheel and focus on high-risk situations drivers face every day. Students of the program will be better prepared to safely operate their motor vehicle in today’s driving environment. Insurance providers may also offer a reduction in premiums for drivers who successfully complete this course, you will have to contact your own provider to verify for sure if you can receive a discount.

The course will take place at the City of Aventura Community Recreation Center on Thursday, November 17 and Friday, November 18, 2022 from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. The course is $20 per person and only cash is accepted. To reserve a spot for this course please call 305-270-6450.

For more information, contact the Community Recreation Center at: 305-466-3883.

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