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Aventura Acknowledges World Mental Health Day: To Promote Education, Treatment, Dialogue And Wellness Practices

By Joyce R. Forchion - LOVE Aventura

October 18, 2023

If there were ever an appropriate time for global citizens to figuratively pause, join hands, and breathe a collective sigh of relief, then that moment would take place on World Mental Health Day. The World Health Organization (WHO) founded the Annual October 10 observance in 1992 to communicate the fundamental human right for all individuals to promote education, treatment, and dialogue optimizing Mental Health and Wellness practices while removing all societal stigmas attached to the discourse. For the past 31 years, healthcare providers have recognized the pervasiveness of the “emotional trinity” that men and women are continuously plagued with at alarming rates– Stress, Anxiety, and Depression.

Despite the efforts of policy makers and community leaders to spotlight the day of reflection, afflicted residents continue to suffer in silence while feeling the need to hide their pain in shame. “Some days, I feel as if I just can’t take it anymore. Inflation has taken its toll; simply stepping outside to face the world each morning seems to cost me $150.00 per day. My bills are never ending, and the demands of my job always keep me up each night with worry,” shared one Aventura resident who asked to remain anonymous. “The weight is heavy; help seems limited. If I can continue to appear strong in front of my kids, I feel as if I’m winning. Truth be told, I’m really crumbling inside as I try to tackle so much pressure alone.”

According to the United States Census Bureau, Aventura parents account for a portion of Miami-Dade County’s highest earners with an Average Annual Household Income exceeding $70,000. Moms and Dads are sacrificing their inner peace and Well-Being to work overtime to provide for their households, stretching their boundaries to make ends meet. The approaching holiday season presents one of the most mentally polarizing times of the year as events tend to bring about experiences of delight and dread from family gatherings, gift exchanges, and even more impending bills.

Moving into 2024, how can we become staunch advocates for the rights and liberties promised to us in accessing Beneficial Mental Health Resources? Below is a list of actions we can take to make personal progress before next year’s World Mental Health Day:

Take Stock Of Your Life.
Is there something lingering in your life that needs to be removed? Do you need to change the way in which you spend your time each day? Get to the root of why the effects of Stress have taken over your thoughts and usurped your joy. Self-care is key!

Journey Inward For Answers.
Be honest with yourself regarding the reasons why you’re allowing internal and external influences to rob you of your happiness. Once this happens, you are claiming your right and responsibility as an individual to create the best version of yourself, which presents a painful-yet-necessary-step to attaining a healthier outlook on life.

Care About People.
Reassess your priorities. Sure; we’re all busy with overloaded work schedules and household responsibilities. However, it only takes a minute to care about someone else for a change. Text your out-of-town relative a birthday greeting or volunteer to take your senior neighbor to the grocery store. Let someone know that you’re thinking about them. Small heart-felt gestures are more memorable and meaningful than initially realized.

Change Your Workplace Culture.
The City of Aventura acknowledges World Mental Health Day as a united municipality, which will continue each year. Encourage your company’s Executive Leadership Team or Human Resources Department to prioritize this observance next year, along with supporting community impact programming available to all residents on a complimentary basis.

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