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You're Invited: Hallandale Beach Has Advisory Board Vacancies

October 7, 2021

The City of Hallandale Beach invites you to get involved on matters relating to our community by volunteering on a board and/or committee. These Boards and Committees are made of volunteer effort by our citizens.

The Commission may be created by ordinance boards, authorities and agencies and may specify their membership and duties. Such boards, committees, authorities and agencies shall be a part of the municipal government and shall utilize the services when available through the regular departments and offices of the City, including the City attorney. There are currently thirteen (13) Boards and Committees. The Boards and Committees provide non-binding strategic advice/recommendations to the City Commission. Each Board and Committee is tasked with a specific purpose for Community development.

Application Process:
All persons serving on boards shall be residents of the City except in the case of boards having special occupational or professional qualifications as to membership, or whose membership qualifications are established by general law, state or federal regulation, county ordinance or inter-local governmental agreement. A person shall serve on no more than two such boards or committees or any combination, authority or agency; and members of such boards or committees or any combination, authorities or agencies shall serve without compensation except for necessary expenses approved by the Commission. All candidates for Board/Committee membership should complete an application and provide proof of residency (Driver’s License/ID) as part of the advisory board application except for those appointments that are exempt from this requirement. They must also provide proof of Voter’s Registration and all members to be in good standing with the City, i.e., no debt with the City or litigation against the City.

The application is then provided to the City Manager for review and then brought before the City Commission at the next Regular City Commission Meeting for adoption.

Please see below for a list of current Boards & Committees vacancies:

• NEW Beach Preservation Advisory Board - 2 Vacancies
• Beautification Advisory Board 1 Vacancy
• Education Advisory Board* - 3 Vacancies
• Golden Isles Safe Neighborhood Board - 1 Vacancy
• HBCRA Quadrant Safety Board* - 4 Vacancies
• Historic Preservation Board - 1 Vacancy
• Parks and Recreation Advisory Board - 3 Vacancies
• Planning & Zoning Board - 1 Vacancy
• Sustainability and Flood Mitigation Advisory Board - 1 Vacancy
• Three Islands Safe Neighborhood District Advisory Board - 1 Vacancy
• Unsafe Structure Board* - 1 Vacancy

*Prerequisites Apply
Should you wish to serve on a board and/or committee, please complete the Boards and Committees Application for consideration of appointment and forward the completed application to the City Clerk’s office, apply on-line at: Or contact the City Clerk’s Office for more information at: (954) 457-1340.

Appointed members duties will conclude on the date of the City Commission’s organizational meeting following an election, typically in late November.

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