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YMR Beauty Salon: Where Beauty Comes From A Genuine Connection With Customers

By Felipe Castilla

October 6, 2021

For Jahir Jimenez at YMR Beauty Salon, what makes a salon beautiful is the customers and their smiling faces.

Like every salon YMR offers all the standard services you would expect in from a beauty salon like hair cutting, coloring highlighting and styling as well as hair and scalp treatments. However, if you take a closer look inside YMR you will find happy customers laughing, smiling and enjoying every minute of their time with Jimenez and the other stylist as they give them something many salons do not have: friendship.

“I love my profession,” Jimenez said. “I love making connections with my customers before and after I work with them.”

YMR Beauty Salon was opened by Yolanda Martinez in 2019 and Jimenez began working there in February or March of 2020 after shelter-in-place mandates were lifted as a result of the pandemic. It was there that he began to develop close bonds with the men and women who walked through their doors.

Whether it’s a new haircut or a complete makeover Jimenez is happy to oblige anyone looking to make a change. As a professionally trained beautician and hair stylist, Jimenez works incredibly hard at understanding the customer's fundamental needs as a customer because he knows full well that the atmosphere is just as important as the results.

The hair salon offers haircuts for men, women and children. The beauticians and stylists are able and willing to cut all types of hair. Drying and styling the hair before the customer leaves the salon is also a standard service at YMR.

Hair coloring is another of the most popular services offered at YMR. The hair coloring process may include all-over color, highlights, lowlights, touch-ups, grey cover and more.

The salon itself opened in 2019 but Jimenez has been working in hair for decades. Although he has moved around from salon to salon, no matter where he goes, his client's follow because of his excellent attention to detail and responsiveness to client needs.

“As a stylist, I’ve moved around a lot,” Jimenez said. I’ve been to Brow-ard, to Dade, but I’ve tried to accom-modate all of my client's.”

But another interesting aspect of this beauty salon is that it has an in-house esthetician to provide skin care treat-ments as well. The esthetician provides a variety of skin treatments facials, hair removal and makeup application. Facial services include massaging and treating the face with lotions, creams and oils.

The esthetician’s duties include: waxing, peeling, cleansing and the application of skin-care products both in store and at home. At YMR it’s about a holistic approach to beauty, not just the cutting and styling of hair.

And it’s in YMR beauty salon that Jimenez is able to communicate his passion for his profession to all of his client's.

One of the things that makes Jimenez such a brilliant stylist, however, is not just his understanding what to do as a stylist but also what to avoid doing. For Jimenez, the problem with many beauty salons he has been to is the impersonal treatment customers receive. As a stylist and a person, he is looking to change that.

“When you walk into a lot of salons the cashier doesn’t look at you, doesn’t even say hello,” Jimenez said. “I want to give people something different.”

The most important thing for Jimenez is that a customer feels like they are speaking to a friend.

“Here, it’s about grabbing a coffee, relaxing and letting the customers know they’re in good hands,” Jimenez said. “ I don’t want people to sit there thinking they’re just speaking to a hairstylist. I want more for them than that.”

When you walk in to YMR Beauty Salon, you will be greeted by Jimenez and the rest of the YMR team. The warm sunlight enters from the long windows and you find yourself surrounded by people who truly care about your experience. They will go through a painstaking effort to make sure you feel right at home.

However, for Jimenez, the most satisfying part of the process is the look on a customer's face when he turns them towards the mirror.

“When I see the surprised look on their faces it makes everything worth it for me,” Jimenez said. “It’s this look like ‘Oh my gosh, this is what I look like now? I love it.’”

Jimenez hopes to one day open up his own beauty salon and work with more of his customers, but he is willing to wait it out and see how things unfold. What he does know, however, is that when he does open his own salon he will not be afraid of the competition.

“I’m very confident in myself,” Jimenez said. I know what I offer, I know who I am and I know how much my customer's believe in me. So if someone else has three locations or four, it doesn’t matter because it’s about the customer experience.”

Jimenez aims to provide only the most excellent customer service, pro-viding the best service to everyone that sits in his chair.

“If my customer's say, even joking around, that they want champagne I’ll give them champagne, “ Jimenez said. “ Because I know that if the customer is happy they will come back again and again.”

YMR Beauty Salon is located at 960 W hallandale Beach Blvd., Hallandale Beach, FL 33309. For more information you may call them at: (954) 927-4827 or (954) 669-7637.

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