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Xavier's Cigar Lounge: The Perfect Place for Relaxation & Socializing

By David L. Snelling

March 24, 2022

Xavier's Cigar Lounge in Hallandale Beach might be the place for people to relax while puffing on a variety of cigars and watching sporting events, but owner Harris Safra gave it a unique moniker: Husband Day Care Center. A sign outside the lounge gives women a clue on how to get rid of their husbands for a few hours or more, depending on how much fun they are having without them. The sign reads:

"Need Time To Yourself?"
"Need Time To Go Relax?"
"Want To Go Shopping?"
"Leave your husband with us!"
"We'll look after him for you!"
"You'll only pay for his cigar!"

Safra created the sign to show he has a sense of humor which reflects the ambiance of the lounge seven days a week. A lot of people get a big kick out of the sign and visit the lounge to see what the buzz is all about. They like it so much that they end up staying for hours and come back as regular customers.

Safra, who opened the business seven years ago, said the lounge is more like a social club for men and women, where people also play dominoes. He said the business even attracts snowbirds from Canada, who visit South Florida each year.

Safra said the lounge averages about 150 customers a day. "We build friendliness and the best services for a cigar lounge in South Florida," Safra said. "We always introduce people to each other so they won't feel left out."

Xavier Cigar Lounge, located at 800 East Hallandale Beach Boulevard, is 1,000 square feet inside the facility and 2,000 square feet of covered patio overlooking the courtyard. The lounge has six large flat screen TV's showing all sporting events and people can relax on comfortable lounge chairs while enjoying the peaceful environment. Safra said the lounge also plays music.

Safra said people can choose from over 500 different brands of cigars, including: Padron, Arturo Fuente and Perdomo. When thirsty, they can sip on some wine or drink beer and soft drinks, or if they prefer brewed from roasted beans, gourmet coffee, espresso and cappuccino are also available.

"People come here to relax and chill," he said. "We are well known in the U.S. People come from all over the world to visit the lounge."

The lounge also delivers.

Safra said his business delivers cigars to homes and businesses and during the height of the COVID-19 Pandemic, delivery service increased. The lounge also has curbside pick-up during the Pandemic. "We deliver cigars to homes," he said. "We had been delivering cigars before the Pandemic, but it grew during the Pandemic."

People can also find romance at the lounge. Safra did. He said he met his wife, Isabella Safra, who was a customer and three months later they tied the knot. They have been married for seven years. "I knew she was the one," he said. "I knew she was the love of my life."

After starting a brand marketing business, Safra said he was seeking to start another venture. He met a gentleman and the two shared their ideas on starting a new business. They decided to try their hands at the cigar lounge.

He said they bought out a family business and since then sales for the cigar lounge have increased each year. "They have tripled in the last year," Safra said. "We've been doing very well." Safra said his partner is no longer with the business as he bought him out.

Safra is 63 years-old, but he sounds like a business savvy 20-year-old. Born in Philadelphia and raised in New Jersey, Safra moved to Aventura with his parents when he was 15 years-old. He graduated from Miami Norland High School, where he played soccer. Safra earned a Degree in Hospitality Manage-ment from Florida International University. He said he entered the Restaurant Industry following his college graduation but eventually set his sights on entrepreneurship.

Safra started a Brand Marketing Company designing ad campaigns for different companies and specializing in promotions of products including creating companies' T-shirts and their logos. He has owned the business for the past 25 years.

"We make custom T-shirts with companies' names, logos and create products for them," he said. "I decided the restaurant business consumed too much time for me and started my own business."

Entrepreneurship is not the only passion for Safra.

He loves to give back to the community by hosting a Charity Golf Tournament each year to benefit people with Autism and raise awareness which is dedicated to his stepson who suffers from Autism. He named the event the Xavier's LDA Golf Charity Event after a dear friend and customer, Les De Asis, who died in 2020.

The third annual event took place on March 21st at the Hollywood Golf Resort.

"We traveled a lot together," Safra said. "I chose a charity that would keep his name going. My wife's son has Autism and a lot of people with Autism are out there suffering from it as well."

Safra said North Miami Beach Police Officers are among the participants and event sponsors include: Akam Properties in Hollywood and E.P. Carrillo Cigar in Miami. He hopes that the Charity Golf Event will draw local celebrities like the NFL Players and the Miami Hurricanes Athletes someday. "Some ‘Canes players may be there, but they haven't committed," Safra said.

Xavier's Cigar Lounge
800 East Hallandale Beach Boulevard, Suite#: 11
Hallandale Beach, Florida 33009
(754) 208-2719

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