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World Renown Brand Ramon Puig Guyaberas Reopens Doors: After Being Forced To Close During the Covid-19 Pandemic, They Now Are Back

July 22, 2021

Ramon Puig opened his first guayabera store in Cuba 1943, in the ancestral home of the garment

Many will recall the announcement made last year that after 77 years in business, world renown apparel brand Ramon Puig Guayaberas “La Casa de la Guayabera,” closed. Nestled on historic “Calle Ocho” (southwest eight street) the flagship shop closed August 2020 due to major financial challenges faced during the Covid-19 pandemic. After countless customers, and loyal supporters of the brand reach out, the demand for the incomparable brand was too great. It is with great pleasure the Puig family announces a reopening in the same strip mall located at 5840 SW 8th St Miami FL 33144. The exciting announcement was made via social media to the brand’s followers on Father’s Day, fittingly chosen as an homage to the late Mr. Ramon Puig. Now, his son Louis Puig will continue to push the Puig legacy forward. Those who follow the brand know he has run the business for the last several years as well as growing it. Known for being an astute businessman, this is an example of his bringing a business forward, positioned for success.

The re-opening of the store is an indication not only of the importance a brand can have to the local community but also spirit. Many businesses closed in 2020. But the Ramon Puig brand, being one of the oldest and most respected in the Hispanic South Florida community is regarded as part of the patchwork within the Cuban community.

After decades of dressing various U.S. Presidents, world leaders, and prominent figures in the Latin community, the brand has been recognized as an international success known for unparalleled quality. For this reason, the brand’s reach extends far and wide, beyond the confines of South Florida’s area codes. That appeal is what has made the brand’s online business grow and hence, the ability to re-open a brick and mortar.

“This garment has been worn for generations, regarded as a symbol of hope and prosperity for Cuban exiles which made our family’s store a world-renown Miami Icon, for which we will always be grateful. Today, post Covid-19 it still represents just that – hope and resilience. I couldn’t be happier to announce our re-opening and welcome the public to visit us in person or online, “stated Louis Puig.

Ramon Puig opened his first guayabera store in Cuba 1943, in the ancestral home of the garment, Sancti Espiritus, the city of his birth. Since he was a child, Puig showed an interest in tailoring and once of age, he learned and developed his skills under a local tailor and opened his first shop at the age of twenty-three. His brand has been recognized in local and national press and noted as the guayabera among guayaberas. Notables including celebrities, actors, athletes, and musicians such as Andy Garcia, Alex Rodriguez, Alonzo Mourning, Sylvester Stallone, Robert De Niro, and Ice Cube have donned the brand that is a world known icon born in Cuba and now continues in Miami.

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