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William “Bill” Julian: He Will Leave Behind A Stellar Record Of Public Service

By Stephen Cummings

September 2, 2021

Bill proudly served as a City Commissioner and Vice Mayor for twelve years, bringing forth many agenda items and contributing toward the positive growth in Hallandale Beach. One of Bill’s favorite service projects, was the annual Kiwanis Christmas in July Fundraiser, benefitting all of the children, living in shelters, in Broward County. Bill would transport hot dogs, rolls, bottled water and chips in his truck, to the BB&T Center, for the event and place all of the items, on a palette jack and delivering them, to the concession area.

The City Of Hallandale Beach, recently lost one of its most venerable residents, with the passing of William “Bill” Julian.

Bill proudly served as a City Commissioner and Vice Mayor for twelve years, bringing forth many agenda items, contributing toward the positive growth, in Hallandale Beach.

He will leave behind a stellar record of public service, including: Membership in The Kiwanis Club Of Hallandale Beach, The Italian American Club, The American Legion Post 310 and as a public servant, to the residents who voted him into office.

After graduating from South Broward High School in 1970, Bill served two tours of duty, in the United States Air Force, before assisting his father, with racing thoroughbred horses, in South Florida and across the country.

Bill will be remembered, for his affable personality and indefatigable energy, volunteering and raising funds, for local charities.

As an active Kiwanis Member, for over twenty years, Bill exhibited a style of leadership, that others could emulate and always, conquering obstacles, without complaints.

Bill raised tens of thousands of dollars, benefitting The Kiwanis Club Of Hallandale Beach, The Hallandale High School Key Club and The Hallandale Police Athletic and Activities League, through his Annual Pasta Dinner Fundraiser.

He solicited donations from local merchants, gathered raffle prizes and received much of the food, complimentary from local restaurants, while the other Kiwanis Members, rode his shirttails.

The event became so popular, that we not only filled The Hallandale Beach Cultural Center to capacity, but set up tables for patrons, in the side rooms.

Bill could develop a simple idea, into a profitable fundraiser, by organizing the largest Cuban Sandwich and selling tickets to the event, complimented by music and prizes, covered by radio and television stations, as well as, the print media with all of the proceeds, going to charity.

When Hurricane Wilma devastated South Florida in 2005, Bill could be seen handing out bags of sand, to the community and joined a convoy, of first responders from Hallandale Beach, transporting needed supplies to Mississippi and New Orleans, after Hurricane Katrina.

One of my fondest memories with Bill, was taking deserving children shopping at Christmas Time, at Walmart for, The Annual Shop With A Cop Event.

Police Officers and volunteers, would escort children, who were lucky enough to receive a gift card, entitling them to purchase video games or clothing.

One year, Bill chaperoned a family of three children, who all wanted bicycles, but the gift card limit, was insufficient to cover the cost. Bill dipped into his pocket and made up the difference, including, buying a safety helmet, for each child.

When young athletes from our local PAL Program were short on funds, to travel to national tournaments, Bill arranged a carwash, ensuring their participation.

Julian was a long-time fan of car racing and proudly showcased, his shiny red 1986 Corvette, in local car shows and rode a Harley Davidson Motorcycle, for many years.

Another one of my favorite memories that Bill seldom shared, was that he was employed at the iconic Jaxson’s Ice Shop in Dania Beach, while being a high school student, earning $1 per hour, but relished the penalty for making a sundae incorrectly, requiring him to devour it.

The countless anecdotes about Bill Julian will always be shared by his friends, but he will long be remembered, as one who was compassionate, kind and relentlessly focused on the mission, without complaining.

Bill overcame many health issues the past four years, including: Dialysis, A Stroke, A Heart Attack, Stents and even losing both legs, to Diabetes, but he never expressed any vitriol or lashed out, in a vituperative manner.

Hallandale Beach lost a true gentleman and a great role model and public servant.

Rest In Peace, Bill Julian, you personify being a true American!

Stephen Cummings, is a Founding Member, of The Kiwanis Club Of Hallandale Beach and a past, Kiwanis LT. Governor.

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