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Wellcare Rehabilitation & Balance Center

PROFILES March 2021

March 15, 2021

Wellcare's goal is to detect problems early and customize treatment that will restore a patient's pre-injury level of function.

Healing hands best describes physical therapist Michael Kenton and his staff at Wellcare's Physical Therapy and Balance Center in Hallandale Beach.

It is refuge for those who flatly refuse to allow a physical or neurological disability to disrupt their lives. Very simply put, staying healthy is best. But if a problem should arise, tend to it right away before it worsens.

Wellcare's goal is to detect problems early and customize treatment that will restore a patient's pre-injury level of function. Michael Kenton, a licensed physical therapist and clinical director reports, "Debilitation from physical disorders or the normal aging process can often be delayed if problems are detected early enough through an in-depth physical evaluation, But too often, people allow their conditions to deteriorate before they seek treatment."

Wellcare has taken added steps to ensure the safety and cleanliness of the clinic space by following all CDC recommendations. Temperatures are taken immediately upon arrival, the facility is cleaned regularly and hand sanitizer is made readily available to all visitors, therapists and clie-nts. Masks are mandatory and can be provided if needed.

The facility is spacious enough to allow for social distancing of ten feet or more and exercise equipment is sanitized before and after use for patient safety. Furthermore, clients are scheduled accordingly to avoid a crowed waiting room.

On a patient's first visit to Wellcare, he or she is given an in-depth physical therapy evaluation that includes medical history, a check of vital signs, tests for strength and flexibility, posture evaluation, balance and functional assessment. "We want to identify dysfunction before it can lead to severe functional decline" Michael says.

Located in the rear of the facility is a larger separate room which is the dedicated "Balance Center." Here you will find visual interactive balance machines and exercise equipment geared specifically for the treatment of dizziness and balance. In addition to balance exercises, strength and conditioning classes are conducted following strict social distancing.

Wellcare Rehabilitation's balance program focuses on the evaluation of fall risk and treatment strategies to prevent their occurrence. "Most falls are preventable if balance and safety are addressed early on" states Mr. Kenton.

Providing quality rehabilitation services is Wellcare's primary objective. We not only provide detailed, customer treatment programs, but also the personalized support and encouragement that will help a patient throughout their rehab process."

"Individualized care is extremely effective in a patient's recovery," Mr. Kenton says. "But the sooner treatment begins, the better the likelihood of success. If we deal with a problem early on, we are more likely to reach the desired outcome." "Our goal at Wellcare is for people to think of us as a primary stage in their program for good health rather than following medication and other therapies that have failed."
Michael Kenton received his masters degree in physical therapy in Health Sciences from Long Island University, Brooklyn, New York in 1993. He has over 20 years of experience treating patients with orthopedic and neurological disorders. At his facility, he and his therapists treat patients following sports injuries, car accidents, post joint replacements, neurological disorders and patients suffering from arthritis, neck and back pain.

Wellcare Rehabilitation and Balance Center is conveniently located at 304 West Hallan-dale Beach Boulevard, Hallan-dale Beach, Florida 33009, a few blocks west of Dixie High-way, minutes from both Aven-tura and Hollywood. Parking is very accessible.

Wellcare participates with most insurances which include Auto, Medicare, and Humana. For more information, or to schedule an appointment, call: 954-454-4280.

Wellcare Rehabilitation & Balance Center
304 West Hallandale Beach Blvd., Hallandale Beach.
Call For appointment & Details 954-454-4280.

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