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Vandor Home – Faith Based Living

May 17, 2023

A diamond in the rough is how you might describe Vandor Home – Senior Faith Based Living. The faith in recovery program is Christ oriented however is a non-denominational recovery program open to residents of any background, religion, or belief. A quaint walk away from the humdrum of everyday life and a walk into a quality faith-based driven environment which does not allow smoking or drinking of any kind but does welcome companionship and solidarity through religion and daily tasks of life.

The current form of payment plan is private pay and does not offer insurance payment options currently. The Company believes that seniors can “thrive best in a structured Faith Based Living environment, where there is peace and tranquility.” Background checks are also required here as it provides and ensures a smooth entry-point and transition for everyone.

Pastor Dorothy Roberts had run the Hollywood Family Youth and Community Center on Hollywood Blvd. Pre-Pandemic and she has been in homecare and assisted living for forty-seven years. Vandor Faith Based Living has been in existence for the better part of sixteen years as they have now turned their attention to aiding a pressing need for Veterans and seniors 55 and older. Many Military Members suffer from physical injuries and mental health problems when they return from deployment. Combat today is very different than it was 50+ years ago. The trauma and emotional toll combat has had on Veterans, service members, and their families has been significant.

The Home maintains a chapel which can be visited as often as the seniors would so desire and free to use and pastors and deacons that visit on a regular basis. There are no stay-over guests though the seniors can stay with Vandor Home as long as they see fit. There are currently 4 rooms in total and available. The rooms are separated into different sections within the Home. No guests are allowed after 10:00 p.m. No transportation services at this time. Generally, the residents will catch a bus or provide for their own transportation. The curfew is about 10:00 p.m.

The Home views each resident as an individual and offers a unique variety of living options to engage senior residents of various backgrounds, demographics, and life experiences. They provide growth through recovery in a peaceful and tranquil setting. Residents are invited to engage in mindfulness activities through meditation and quiet breathing exercises. The Home truly cares about their residents and believes in an approach that is effective but also realistic in producing intrinsic motivation for change. The Home believes this is just one of the ways of sustained recovery.

Once a person is open to speaking about faith and what faith can do for them they are all ears. People have had so many success stories, those particularly with an open mind. Good energy and bad energy it is all coming from the mind. To accept the powerful energy spiritual over demonic energy. People are believed to be able to be helped who want to get help. Vandor Home remains as a Non-Medical Home for its independent seniors.

The Home is conveniently located approximately 5 miles from Hollywood Beach and Broadwalk for those who enjoy the beaches. Nestled in a quiet neighborhood surrounded by lush greenery the Home operates with an open floor concept. They are just 3 minutes away from a main thoroughfare with nearby restaurants and shops. They are also conveniently located just 10 minutes from West I-95.

Vandor brings together a sense of community which is many times long desired by the target market of seniors who may have faced loss or tragedy somewhere or sometime in their lives and now are looking to make a social return to living life the way life should be lived with warm supportive and caring people and an environment that is conducive to that. It is a new place to call Home. “We believe that seniors of all ages should be treated with dignity and respect, …and as we open our doors to welcome our seniors we hope to be contributors to your piece of mind in this new chapter in life!” The Home has a “God driven desire to make sure seniors are treated in a respectable manner no matter what stage of life they are in. We strive to show love and genuine compassion to our residents because we all deserve to be treated with the (utmost respect) and live in a safe, clean, comfortable, and inclusive living environment. “Vandor’s mission is to “show love and compassion to vulnerable seniors that are in need of a clean faith based living environment."

The current stay plans start at $900 monthly or $30 a day without meals for a shared room. For a semi-private room with 1 meal the rate is $1,350 monthly and $45 a day. For a semi-private room with 2 meals as accommodated by the home keeper who will also provide laundry services if necessary is $1,800 monthly or $60 a day. And finally, a private room will run you about $2,550 monthly or $85 a day. The prices are very reasonable given the cost of food expense.

Vandor Home is located at 2110 North 46th Avenue, Hollywood, Florida 33021, feel free to contact them with any questions: 954-249-5931 or: 954-724-7526. You can also visit them online by Googling: Vandor faith based senior Independent living.

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