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Traffic Calming: Proposed Neighborhood Project in Hollywood

October 7, 2021

The primary purpose of this project is to slow vehicular traffic to improve overall safety and allow people of all ages and abilities to travel safely

The City of Hollywood is applying for a grant to install traffic calming measures, such as speed tables and traffic circles, at identified, high traffic locations across the City. The primary purpose of this project is to slow vehicular traffic to improve overall safety and allow people of all ages and abilities to safely travel to and from their destinations, including schools and retail locations in the community. The grant process, in part, requires “community support” for the project. The City is offering a number of online options where you can lend your support for the project:

• To sign the online petition go to: and enter Pr-269 in the search field, click the link and complete the online form.

• Attend the virtual meeting on Thursday, October 21st at 6 p.m., for meeting details go to: and enter EID=8423 in the search field and click the link.

• Visit the City's Facebook page to lend your support. Go to:

• Email the City to lend your support at:

Up to $3 Million in grant funding is available for this project as part of the Complete Streets and other Localized Initiative Programs (CSLIP), administered by the Broward Metropolitan Planning Organization.

• In recent years, the city has installed over 252 traffic calming devices, primarily speed tables or speed humps.

• The need for additional traffic calming is primarily due to growth and requests by residents to control the volume of traffic and/or speed on neighborhood streets.

• A recent traffic calming study and master plan has identified over 5 dozen locations that could benefit from traffic calming measures.

• Construct 45 speed tables
• Construct 13 roundabouts
• Install 9 electronic feedback signs
• Construct various lane and intersection improvements

These locations have been identified for the proposed traffic circles and other traffic calming devices:
• Harrison Street from S. 13th Ave. to Intracoastal Waterway
• Johnson Street from N. 9th Ave. to N. 14th Ave.
• N. 40th Avenue from W. Park Rd. to Sheridan St.
• N. Park Road from Sheridan St. to Stirling Rd.
• Arthur Street from N. 64th Ave. to N. 76th Ave.
• N. 64th Avenue from Taft St. to Sheridan St.
• S. 61st Avenue from Pembroke Rd. Washington St.
• S. 63rd Avenue from Pembroke Rd. Washington St.
• Van Buren Street from S. 35th Ave. to S. 56th Ave.

Please help support this effort by attending the virtual community meeting on October 21st and submitting your message of support to the project team leader as mentioned above.

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