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The Road To Splitsville’: How To Navigate The Road To Divorce Without Making Yourself Crazy

November 10, 2023

Most adults in the United States are familiar with this unfortunate statistic from the U.S. Census Bureau: nearly 50 percent of all marriages end in divorce. However, few are likely aware that the average first marriage lasts eight years or less, and the average second marriage lasts just seven years. Divorces are endemic, and they can create serious emotional issues for the parties and their children, while resulting in huge paydays for their attorneys.

Attorney Jeffrey Stephens and Psychologist Ronald Raymond have written a book providing practical advice to pending divorcees on how to manage these issues along their journey, while paving a road to future happiness.

“We live in a society where the decision to divorce is all too common,” Stephens said, “And those needing advice about how to get there are many. Our intention is to reduce the stress and expense involved in the divorce process by providing insight, support, empathy and the practical information you will need to complete your journey as you find the path to your new life.”

The book, The Road to Splitsville, features this illustrative subtitle: How to Navigate The Road To Divorce Without Making Yourself Crazy, Your Children Miserable, Or Your Lawyer Wealthy … And Then Discover Your Path To Happiness.

Stephens says that “if you are facing divorce, this book will guide you along the legal and emotional journey you will need to follow to end your marriage and find your best life.” Together, Stephens and Raymond offer techniques for dealing with the inevitable upset and issues that divorcees face, as they guide readers along the legal and emotional road they will travel, including how to select an attorney and limit the costs; how to handle the loss of love and end of the relationship; and perhaps most important, how to rebuild a life and find happiness.

Jeffrey S. Stephens is a successful attorney in private practice, having handled many divorces and family law issues in New York and Connecticut. He is also the Author of the Jordan Sandor thrillers, Targets of Deception, Targets of Opportunity, Targets of Revenge and Rogue Mission, as well as the Anthony Walker murder mystery Crimes and Passion and the Pencraft Award-Winning novels Fool’s Errand and The Handler.

Dr. Ronald Raymond is a Clinical Psychologist who has been practicing for over 50 years. His background includes being a professor and adjunct professor at several universities. He served as the Director of Psychology at one of the nation’s most prestigious psychiatric hospitals, Silver Hill Hospital in New Canaan, Connecticut and The American Psychological Association attributed to him the development of Relocation Psychology, about which he co-authored the book, Grow Your Roots Anywhere, Anytime. He is also the co-author of Ring of Destiny, Destiny Revealed and The Four Essential Ingredients for Effective Parenting.

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