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Surprise Powerz: Popular STEM Dolls Available At Macy’s Aventura

March 10, 2023

Surprise Powerz, providers of educational talking STEM dolls that make it easy for girls to build confidence in critical subjects like math and science, today announced that their 16-inch dolls are available for sale at Macy’s Aventura in Florida at 19535 Biscayne Boulevard, Aventura, Florida 33180. March is a crucial month for women and girls - Women's History Month, Expanding Girls' Horizons in Science and Engineering Month and Tuesday, March 14th, 2023 being Science Education Day. Surprise Powerz dolls inspire young girls to build curiosity, creativity, critical thinking and confidence.

A recent study found that by third grade, most children believe boys are more interested in computer science and engineering than girls. Furthermore, the study notes, "the more that individual girls endorse gender-interest stereotypes favoring boys in computer science and engineering, the lower their interest and sense of belonging in these fields." This results in young girls being systematically tracked away from Science, Tech, Engineering, and Math (STEM) in schools - limiting their future opportunities. Women make up only 28% of the STEM workforce.

Surprise Powerz’ educational talking STEM dolls make it easy for girls to gain confidence in the critical subjects of math, science, and more. The dolls, created for toddlers and preschoolers ages two to five, encourage counting, STEM vocabulary, problem-solving, and healthy imaginative pretend to play. The dolls: Astro the Astronaut, Vera the Vet, Maria the Mathmagician, and Codie the Coder were conceived to spark curiosity and engage kids in the world of STEM while helping them reach developmental milestones.

Each time the doll's hand is squeezed, she can deliver one of 75 phrases, singalongs, and sound effects - all of which encourage playing and learning. The toys also feature a diverse range of real girls' voices to reflect ethnicity and create an authentic experience - with Maria, the Mathmagician speaking both English and some Spanish.

"This is a great time to celebrate the future breakthroughs that our toddler and preschool girls are capable of. It's also a great time to empower our young girls to know they can be anything they put their minds to, and one day they can change this world to be a better place,” said Surprise Powerz Founder Kristel Bell. “Like most women today, the girl toys available when I was a kid were for playing princess or mommy. As an adult, I was surprised that girls’ toys hadn’t changed much. Boys’ toys, in contrast, were already teaching critical skills in serious subjects like science, technology, engineering, and math. So it’s no surprise that many girls lose confidence in those subjects as early as nine."

Noting this imbalance fueled Bell to create her line of toys to equip girls with critical skills like curiosity, creativity, and problem-solving. Bell founded Surprise Powerz because she believes in empowering girls and understands that girls need dolls that look and sound like them to instill confidence and facilitate STEM learning from an early age.

“As a professor who focuses on early science, math, and engineering in the early childhood classroom, I can state without hesitation that the Surprise Powerz Stem Dolls are a wonderful addition to the STEM toys-for-kids market,” says Kathleen Sheridan, Ph.D. “The focus on empowering young girls to engage in science activities and careers is laudable.”

The dolls are available at Macy’s Aventura and at: for $64.99. For more information, please visit: - Call: (313) 467-4365 Or email:

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