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Supah Cool Sammy World: She’s Zany, Fun Filled & Building Confidence In Children

By Joyce R. Forchion - LOVE Aventura

March 21, 2024

In a world where children are influenced to imitate their favorite Social Media Celebrities or emulate the “cool kids” who are deemed pretty, wealthy, or popular, Miami-Dade County Early Childhood Educator and Author Samantha Michel founded a creative space where they are simply encouraged to be themselves

“Always remember to be yourself,” said Michel, CEO and Creative Curator of Supah Cool Sammy World, a multidisciplinary arts, crafts, and storytelling business targeting children aged 3 to 10 who are enrolled in local schools. The moniker of her alter ego character– “Supah Cool Sammy” -- introduces a relatable presence to kids that captures their undivided attention and injects fun, whimsical elements into stories and art projects. Known for her characteristically zany, bright-colored costumes evoking elements of spring, joy, and energy, Michel hosts “Circle Carpet Storytelling” at the Northeast Dade - Aventura Branch Library on Saturdays each month not only to promote childhood literacy, but to offer a mentally stimulating environment where adolescents can feel free to think critically, ask questions, and express themselves without judgment.

The inclusiveness of Michel’s program is unique in that it is open to all age-appropriate children in the community, including those with Developmental Learning Disabilities such as Autism and ADHD. According to her philosophy, Supah Cool Sammy World Events are intended to build confidence, Self-Esteem, and Self-Sufficiency. “What inspired me was the need I saw for all children to explore more in a free-form space without feeling too restricted to be themselves, in an environment to get lost in their creativity either by enhancing it or finding it within.”

While building the curriculum for her business, Michel factored the preservation of childhood innocence into her programmatic model. In her mind, patience is a critical component of her approach to cultivating thoughtful engagement that should never be stifled by pressure or negative feedback. “When I notice a child is not finished exploring or creating but we (as adults) are ready for them to finish, we prevent that drive for them to create or invent something that can even change the world and make it better,” she explained. “Supah Cool Sammy World presents a relaxing, therapeutic setting that sets the mind, body, and soul at ease while creating and finishing up that task, idea, or project. During my events, I always tell the kids the following: “Don’t stop exploring, don’t stop creating, and ALWAYS be ready to have fun.”’

Supah Cool Sammy World will be launching its first Spring Break project this March while children are out of school. Slots for 20 participants are open for story time sessions, arts and crafts, watercolor painting, digital art, dramatic role play, and related activities. Michel remains focused on expanding the program’s reach in 2024 but admits that additional funding assistance is needed to bring the entirety of her vision to fruition. “I must say it takes a village to raise each child, so I will need extra meeting space that can accommodate children and family-centered events. A van for exploring field trips, along with donations for art supplies, would also be extremely helpful in keeping the business and services running.”

Parents interested in inquiring about Supah Cool Sammy World for their children are encouraged to email Michel at for an updated activity schedule at: The business can be followed on Instagram at: (@SupahCoolSammyWorld).

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