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Sunny Isles Beach Community Spotlight: Tomer Shaked

City of Sunny Isles Beach -

March 2, 2023

Valuing and cherishing the diversity in our community is important for Sunny Isles Beach resident, Tomer Shaked. The 17-year-old high school senior has lived in Sunny Isles Beach his entire life and dedicates his time to volunteering and helping the younger generation through academic and personal development.

In middle school, Tomer began working with Rabbi Amar at his local Chabad by organizing any special event the Chabad hosted throughout the year. When he entered high school a few years later, Tomer switched gears and started working with the Rabbi by helping younger people overcome addictions.

“I really do feel like I’m making a change,” says Shaked. “I used to have that problem myself with gaming and every single time I do that with someone else, I feel like I’m saving them from something I had to endure for many years.”

Tomer hopes that his hands-on work is enhancing the quality of people’s lives. He plans to continue his work helping the community by becoming a civil litigator after attending college and law school. Last year he was even able to attend a law school for a full semester where he worked directly with law school professors arguing Supreme Court cases against a panel of judges.

Tomer views getting involved in the community as an obligation, especially for the younger generations. Whether it’s going out and cleaning up the environment or spreading awareness about an important topic in the world, he is passionate about making a difference.

“I’m very passionate about the younger people in the community as they have by far the most potential,” Tomer explains. “In the future, they are going to be the ones taking the big positions and making a big impact in our community.”

Tomer has some advice for his younger peers: “Trying new things will open opportunities. I really do feel like if you take that step into the unknown, there’s a lot waiting for you.”

As a youth leader in the Sunny Isles Beach community, Tomer has a bright future ahead. He is appreciative of the acknowledgement his work is getting in the community and is excited about all the work younger people are doing and going to do in the future.

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