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Start The New Year With A Laugh: "Curtain Up" with the Amazing Charles Baran

January 4, 2024

Embrace the dawn of a new year with a symphony of laughter, melody, and a splash of theatrical charm as Island City Stage sets the stage ablaze with their eagerly anticipated event: Curtain Up with the Amazing Charles Baran. Promising an evening brimming with vivacity, Broadway trivia, sensational performances, and captivating tunes, this affair invites South Florida's theater devotees to immerse themselves in an enthralling extravaganza.

Scheduled for January 8, this special event is a prelude to Island City Stage’s forthcoming production, 'Which Way to the Stage' by Ana Nogueira. An enticing blend of playful comedy and profound exploration, the play orbits around Jeff and Judy, avid Broadway enthusiasts whose camaraderie spans from their collegiate days. Their encyclopedic knowledge of the theater world intertwines with their personal aspirations of treading the boards. However, as the narrative unfurls, the duo's facades unravel, uncovering their vulnerabilities and insecurities. 'Which Way to the Stage' magnifies themes of friendship, ambition, and a poignant contemplation of gender, sexuality, and drag.

Under the direction of Michael Leeds, the production stars an ensemble cast featuring Matthew Buffalo as Jeff, Sofia Porcel as Judy, Clay Cartland as Mark, and Gaby Tortoledo in the multifaceted roles of Actress, Bachelorette, and Casting Director. Their performances promise to weave a tapestry of emotions, injecting life into the narrative's intricate layers.

The festivities commence on Monday, January 8th, at 7:00 p.m. within the hallowed halls of Island City Stage located at 2304 North Dixie Highway, Wilton Manors, Florida 33305. Generously sponsored by Dr. Deborah Floyd, the event is a testament to the vibrant cultural tapestry flourishing in South Florida.

Mark your calendars and join in the fun for an unforgettable rendezvous, where the harmony of theater, music, and camaraderie unite to create an evening filled with enchantment and wonder. Let the melodies guide you through a journey of laughter, introspection, and the sheer joy of the performing arts. As the curtain rises, immerse yourself in an enchanting realm where dreams take center stage and the world of theater becomes a captivating reality.

Tickets for this jubilant evening are priced at $10 each, a nominal fee for an experience that guarantees an escape into the mesmerizing world of Broadway charm and entertainment. Tickets can be conveniently purchased at:

For further inquiries or to satiate your curiosity, feel free to reach out at (954) 928-9800 or visit the official website at:

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