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Ronnie Lukshinski’s New Hocke Shoppe: Provides Fast Cash For Pawn & Unique Jewelry & Watches For Collectors

by Marylynne Newmark

October 19, 2022

Ronnie Lukshinski is a great guy with a positive outlook. His interests are eclectic and his personality sparkles like the jewelry and watches that surround him in his pawn and jewelry shop on NE 167th Street in North Miami Beach.

Even the name of his business, A New Hocke Shoppe, is an indication of his creativity and humor. Actually, an upscale pawn shop where shoppers from all socio-economic levels come for fast cash or to peruse the diamonds, gold and silver under glass and other rare and collectible items. Ronnie says he also takes pride in specializing in new and used designer handbags like Louis Vuitton, Prada and Chanel.

Ronnie has been at this same location more than 27 years and is not new to the jewelry business. Many old-timers to the area may remember him as owner of two fine jewelry stores in the old Diplomat Mall on Hallandale Beach Boulevard almost three decades ago.

Always intrigued by jewelry and watches, Ronnie spent a lot of his early years attending shows, frequenting estate sales, and visiting pawn shops as a collector and for resale. After selling his jewelry business in Hallandale, he returned to that pasttime until he met the previous owner of the shop he now owns. “After all,” he said, “this is what I love, so why not buy it?”

So, Ronnie became a pawn broker, a professional who offers secured loans to people with items of personal property used as collateral, much like collateral used in banking for personal loans.

Lending money for collateral or pawn can be traced to the earliest ancient cultures when individuals could acquire flexible currency quickly in exchange for cattle, produce and home grown goods, but would be able to retrieve back their belongings at pre- agreed terms.

Assyrian, Babylonian and Hebrew laws were written thousands of years ago to create ethical codes for the exchange of goods for currency, involving charging interest. Pawn loans, however, involved temporarily trading valuables for funds that could be purchased back by a pre-agreed later date.

Interestingly, the origins of pawn shops have roots in China about 3000 years ago. Working independently, pawnbrokers would offer short term credit to peasants.

Ancient Greeks and Romans continued the tradition and created business entities serving the mainstream communities, using goods as collateral that could later be retrieved.

These loans assisted business owners to purchase stock, meet payroll, and finance extravagances for the wealthy. Recognized as a legitimate enterprise, back in the 14th century, it was known that King Edward III of England was a frequent browser of pawn shops throughout Europe. Even Queen Isabella of Spain pawned her jewels to finance Christopher Columbus’ voyages. During the 1800s with the growth of manufacturing and the influx of immigrants, people flocked to pawn shops to help them through the week. At one time, it was noted that there was at least one item in pawn shops for every man, woman and child in New York City. They would pawn clothing, tools, quilts and anything of value, only to retrieve them as soon as they could, often on a payout basis.

But the New Hocke Shoppe is more than pawn. Ronnie Lukshinski does appraisals for insurance, and buys jewelry that customers are ready to trade. When values on hold for pawn are not retrieved by the agreed time, he is able to place them into stock. Customers love coming in on a regular basis just to browse his unique items, often offered at amazing prices.

Pawn customers in need of fast cash appreciate the considerate services of his staff. Last year, Wilmar M. wrote in the Local Guide, “Best place ever. Very helpful and friendly staff. They are not just (here) to make money. They really do help you out of a jam.”

Ronnie also buys gold and silver for scrap at competitive rates. As for fine jewelry and watches, he offers sellers the highest dollar market value. Collectible items move quickly, especially if Ronnie or Olga are aware of customers’ interests. Musical instruments, estate jewelry and collector pieces are of particular interest to regular customers. And… those regulars bring others.

One reviewer on Yelp (Roseanne M.) sized it up perfectly by writing “This Pawn store is addictive. Whether you are there to buy, sell or just peruse their wares, the delightful staff is always happy to assist.” She added a thumbs up and rated the New Hocke Shoppe as 5-star.

Ronnie’s affable, easy-going and accommodating personality may be rooted in his early years in the hospitality field after arriving in New York from Israel in 1980. After visiting friends in South Florida, he fell in love with Miami. “What’s not to love?” he asks. “It’s paradise on earth,,, and the people are great.”

With many international friends and customers, Ronnie speaks English, Spanish, Hebrew and quoting him, “un peu Francais.”

Whatever language he uses, twenty-seven years in the same location certainly speaks for itself. In fact, it shouts out good service, loyalty and trust.

The New Hocke Shoppe: 754 NE 167th Street, North Miami Beach • 305-945-4999

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