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Robo Cop-Car: Largest Tesla Electric Police Fleet Rolled Out By The City of Hallandale Beach

City of Hallandale Beach

July 21, 2022

Thirteen (13) new Tesla Model Y vehicles join the City of Hallandale Beach Police Department’s fleet of vehicles. Twelve (12) of which will be utilized by Detectives and one (1) is being tested out as a Patrol vehicle. “With this purchase, we’re taking a step into the future of Hallandale Beach, which is sustainable both financially and environmentally. We’re thrilled to be rolling out the largest deployment of electric Police Vehicles in the state of Florida - we believe the largest deployment in the United States, and to get these EVs on the road.” said City Manager Dr. Jeremy Earle.

Police departments, from coast-to-coast, have been adding Tesla’s to their patrol fleets for several years. With agencies from New York to San Francisco adding one or more Electric Vehicles to their fleet, Hallandale Beach’s purchase may make it the largest roll-out of full-size Electric Vehicles for Police use in the United States.

The City utilized a mix of funds, including federal dollars provided by the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA), to make this purchase possible. The vehicles will ultimately save the City money. While the upfront cost to purchase electric vehicles is higher than traditional internal combustion engine vehicles, electric vehicles show reduced energy costs when compared to the gas costs ($2,750 vs. $12,000). The resale value also came into play with the City’s decision to go electric in which these Teslas will be almost 1.8 times as valuable as the gas option when the City auctions them off at their end of life with the Police Department.

“These Tesla Police Vehicles represent a win-win-win for our police officers, for the City’s residents, and for the environment. Our officers are getting an ideal vehicle for their work. Our residents are saving money over traditional Police Vehicles and can be proud that Hallandale Beach is one of the first Police Departments in the Country to go electric. And finally, as a beach community directly affected by rising sea levels, these cars will reduce the City’s contribution to climate change.” said Vice Mayor Butler.

In addition to saving money, replacing existing Police Vehicles with hybrids and EVs was included in the City’s 50 by 30 Climate Action Plan. The City joined the Race to Zero in 2021 by committing to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions 50% by 2030 and becoming Net-Zero by 2050. The City of Hallandale Beach’s first Climate Action Plan outlines the ways we can all work together to become a cleaner, safer, and healthier community. Hallandale Beach has committed to being an active part of the solution in terms of taking the steps to reducing local emissions, embracing sustainability, and bringing to the forefront the impacts of climate change.

This purchase, as well as the purchase of forty-nine (49) Hybrid Police vehicles made in 2022, will help the City reduce their fleet related emissions by approximately 600 metric tons annually. That is equivalent to 117 homes worth of annual electricity each year.

“As Mayor, I understand how important each and every step we take to reduce our carbon footprint is in addressing global warming. Adding Police cars to our green vehicle fleet with the goal to fully go green is in progress! We have worked with our Chief and officers to ensure these vehicles are not only green but will provide the performance needed to protect our officers and community.” said Hallandale Beach Mayor Joy Cooper.

These vehicles will be charged utilizing chargers installed in the Police Station parking lot. Through a partnership with Florida Power and Light, four (4) dual-port Level 2 Charging stations are being installed to support these EVs at no construction/ installation cost to the City. The chargers are connected to existing back-up power, ensuring that the vehicles can be operational even in the event of a power outage or hurricane. Currently the City has nine (9) other Level 2 charge ports on City properties which these and the City fleet’s other four (4) EVs can also utilize. To account for emergency fast-charging needs and/or take-home charging, the City is planning to allow Police Officers to utilize the Tesla Supercharger network to charge their vehicles up to a certain dollar amount per fiscal year.

About the City of Hallandale Beach
The City of Hallandale Beach is dedicated to enhancing the quality of life of the community in a fiscally responsible manner by providing superior services that meet the needs of our community as well as plan for their future needs through continued communication. Follow us on: Twitter | Facebook |

About the Police Department
The Hallandale Beach Police Department is a fully accredited, proactive police agency which is dedicated to the concept of community policing. We partner with our community and businesses to provide a safe, clean environment which will instill confidence in our citizens, thereby promoting growth and community advancement. We envision Hallandale Beach as a modern, cohesive community offering the highest quality of life and thereby everyone’s “City of Choice.” For more information on our services, contact us at or visit or Follow us on: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

About the City’s 50by30 Climate Action Plan
In June, 2021 the City of Hallandale Beach approved the City’s first Climate action Plan which outlines the ways the City is working to dramatically reduce greenhouse gas emissions while creating a more vibrant and prosperous place to live, work and Play. Read the City’s Plan at

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