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Provide Feedback on the Comprehensive Plan for Aventura’s Future

August 16, 2021

The Aventura story began approximately thirty (30) years ago, when developer Don Soffer purchased 785 acres of vacant shoreline property in Northeast Dade County. Currently, those 785 acres are fully incorporated within the 3.2 square mile City of Aventura.

Soffer's vision was to create a "community with character", through the formation of Turnberry Associates. The goal has been realized.

In 1995, the City of Aventura was incorporated through the tireless efforts of a small army of individuals dedicated to the ideal of controlling their own destiny. While the reasons for this shared belief were varied, few issues were more frequently discussed than those relating to planning and zoning. It was for this reason that the City of Aventura welcomed the opportunity to prepare a Comprehensive Plan. Having completed the planning process, the City was pleased to adopt the inaugural Plan that more than met the State mandated requirements for Comprehensive Plans.

The objectives and policies presented in the 1998 document were established to reflect the City’s continued vision. The main objectives of this vision include:

• The protection of the high quality residential character of the City
• Continued maintenance and enhancement of the City’s retail and office inventory
• Selected investment in “public identity” facilities, such as a local transit system, parks and administrative centers
• The promotion of a Town Center
• Redevelopment and upgrading of the nautical industry and hospital areas

The Comprehensive Plan is the City’s blueprint for existing and future development. The Plan’s goals, objectives and policies reflect the City’s vision for its future and how it will meet the needs of existing and future residents, visitors and businesses.

The State of Florida requires local governments to periodically assess the effectiveness of their Comprehensive Plan to adequately address changes in local conditions and changes in the State's policies regarding planning and growth management. This periodic assessment is called a Comprehensive Plan Evaluation and Appraisal Report (E.A.R.). The City's Comprehensive Plan Evaluation and Appraisal Report (E.A.R) is currently being prepared as required by the State of Florida and The City of Aventura’s E.A.R. is due to the State in December. Your comments or suggestions regarding planning and growth management in the City of Aventura are welcome.

The current Comprehensive Plan for the City was adopted in 2014 and is available online at:

Provide Feedback
If you have any comments or suggestions regarding planning and growth management in the City of Aventura, now would be a good time to submit them for consideration while the E.A.R. is being prepared. Submit feedback to the City’s Community Development Director, Keven Klopp, at

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