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Precision Legal: "Florida's Game-Changer For The Restoration Industry"

By David L. Snelling

April 24, 2022

For the past two years Precision Legal has specialized in property damage law by representing restoration companies and homeowners whose claims were denied or underpaid by their insurance companies.

While the firm handles some cases for homeowners' claims, the bulk of its work focuses on restoration companies that provide services such as water mitigation, mold testing, mold remediation, leak detection and plumbing issues, just to name a few.

Located in Fort Lauderdale, this boutique law firm specializes in handling high volume collections for the restoration companies.

“When restoration companies would come to us for help, their most common complaint is that they can never reach their prior attorneys," says Precision Legal founder, Jesse O’Hara. "We always asked potential new clients what specific information they would like to know if they could reach their lawyer. However, clients were never really able to tell us. So, we embraced a unique, tech-savvy approach to our law firm and developed a data analysis service to calculate the most important metrics that a restoration company would want to know when taking on a claim."

According to Jesse, restoration companies perform their work through Assignment of Benefits which allows an insurance company to pay them directly.

But when the amounts of the claims fall short or are denied, Precision Legal steps in to ensure the insurance companies honor their policies and pay the full amounts owed to their clients.

The procedure is an extension of the company's collections department which collects data to argue their clients' actual insurance payouts.

"Because most of our clients are operating at a high volume of claims, we have been able to gather data, over thousands of cases, to project cash flow and to help our clients determine how much payment they can expect to receive from the insurance company," said O'Hara. "In our data collection, we also provide reports to our clients to show them their open claims and their amount in outstanding payments and provide updates on their cases. We are extremely client centered and strive to be the most responsive, flexible and effective firm for our clients in order to make them more money, more efficiently."

He added: “We aren’t just a law firm, but an extension of your restoration company’s collections team. Our litigation analytics reports help our clients to have a firm grasp of their numbers so they can make better business decisions."

He also says that the data allows Precision Legal to advise their clients whether they should expand or not. Litigation accounts receivable and monthly payment reports help our restoration company's clients know if they can hire more staff and buy more equipment.

"They have a better grasp of their business because we’ve taken the major step of a law firm, figuring out what data is important to clients and assuming the responsibility of providing transparent monthly litigation reports to clients with litigation strategies based upon the numbers," O'Hara said. " At Precision Legal, lawyering is not just an art – it is very much a science. Our data-driven solutions drive justice right down to the decimal point."

Jesse said the more cases his firm receives from its clients, the more accurate the data becomes and the better Precision Legal can project their cash flow. "We go after the insurance companies when they are unpaid or underpaid so that they do not lose money on their hard work."

For homeowners, determining their payouts for damages is slightly different, for instance, in the event of a storm, a homeowner’s insurance policy will require the homeowner to ‘mitigate’ or stop further damage to the property.

However, most homeowners are unaware that their property insurance policies often cover this type of ‘mitigation’ service.

When a homeowner hires a restoration company to protect their property from further damage, they have two options: (1) pay the restoration company’s bills out-of-pocket and seek reimbursement from the insurance or (2) the restoration company can negotiate its bills directly with the insurance company.

Most of Precision Legal's clients are small, family-owned companies that prefer to avoid billing other families at the time of an emergency. Instead, our clients prefer to bill the insurance companies directly.

After all, if Florida families are already paying record-high premiums for insurance, why should they pay extra hard-earned money for services their insurance already covers?

"If they are smart, Florida families can obtain cost-free restoration services through our clients and we will help ensure that those bills get paid by the insurance companies – not by the homeowners – but the real value that Precision Legal provides to restoration industry clients is in the numbers," O' Hara said.

In addition to providing data-driven solutions, Precision Legal litigation services are cost-free to their clients.

If an insurance company refuses to pay a restoration company's bills, the invoice can be sent directly to Precision Legal and begin the collection process. Precision Legal will front all of the firm’s costs (e.g. court filing fees, depositions, etc.) and get paid separately for its services by the insurance companies.

This means that restoration companies can hire Precision Legal for free and still keep 100% percent of the settlements that have been awarded.

"It’s a risk-free solution for restoration companies that have difficulty getting their invoices paid by the insurance companies."

Precision Legal
1700 East Las Olas Blvd, Suite#: 102
Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33301
(954) 361-7878

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