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Post Pandemic Breakups & Divorce: Dating Looks Different Today Than It Did Three Years Ago

October 27, 2022

Dating looks different today than it did three years ago. Singles are less apt to “mingle” and more drawn to intentional dating and the pursuit of committed relationships, according to Match. Those already in relationships; singles on the dating scene; people going through a breakup, divorce or loss; and those experiencing problems with their partners all face a universal concern: how much compromise is too much?

World-Renowned Psychologist and Relationship expert Carmen Harra is a known authority in the fields of self-help, spirituality, love relationships and dating. She helps her clients live more consciously and make choices that lead to happier and healthier relationships by first guiding them on a journey of personal introspection.

“By personally guiding you to a deeper understanding of your own being, I will provide you with tools that will help you to heal your past, use your free will wisely, attract the right relationships and create a more joyful future,” Harra said.

Harra is also the author of Committed: Finding Love and Loyalty Through the Seven Archetypes, in which she explains the seven main archetypes people encounter, the promises they hold as well as the challenges they pose to relationships.

Ultimately, Harra’s aim is to help people find and keep the love they deserve: an authentic, impassioned relationship that reflects honesty, integrity and reliability.

"‘The one’ will not be a perfect person, but they will be perfect for you,” Harra said.

About Dr. Carmen Harra
Carmen Harra is a world-renowned intuitive psychologist, bestselling author, radio show host and relationship expert. Over the past 30 years, she has helped more than 40,000 people rediscover peace of mind, reclaim personal power and regain joy. Her clients come from all walks of life, from the lady next door to Hollywood celebrities and eminent politicians.

She has been featured in such publications as The New York Times, New York Post, and New York Daily News, and on shows like Good Morning America, The View, Good Day New York, the Today show and Fox News. She currently hosts Miracle Guidance for Everyday Life every Tuesday on OMTimes Radio and Live Now! every Friday on KMET 1490 AM/ABC News Radio Affiliate.

Harra is the author of the international bestsellers Everyday Karma, Decoding Your Destiny, The Eleven Eternal Principles and Wholeliness, as well as The Karma Queens' Guide to Relationships and Committed: Finding Love and Loyalty Through the Seven

For more information and to schedule a personal session, visit: Follow her on Instagram (carmenharra) or Facebook (DrCarmenHarra).

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