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New Heights For Parks, Culture & Community: The Sunny Isles Beach Parks And Recreation Master Plan Is Being Envisioned

May 19, 2023

The City of Sunny Isles Beach Parks and Recreation Master Plan (PRMP) is a long-range planning document to develop a comprehensive park system plan that will define the direction, development and delivery of the City’s parks and recreation services over the next 10 years. This PRMP will have a profound impact on residents of Sunny Isles Beach and their future parks and recreation system.

The purpose of the PRMP is to provide the opportunity to re-image the Vision and goals of the Parks and Recreation Department and establish a shared set of community needs and priorities. The Vision ultimately provides the foundation for a focused direction for the development and delivery of parks, recreation, cultural and community services. The shared community vision advances the mission of the department and responds to the changing needs and priorities of the community. This plan will help ensure that the City of Sunny Isles Beach is meeting the needs of residents today, while reaching new heights for a healthy, sustainable, and equitable future.

Great Parks and Recreation Systems are built on strong planning efforts, a shared-community vision, and a bold, achievable implementation plan. This Parks and Recreation Master Plan is driven by community needs, wants and priorities. The plan should be visionary and aspirational, while providing clear implementation steps for the advancement of the Vision.

The City of Sunny Isles Beach has been diligent in its planning – developing bold, visionary planning initiatives to help advance a high quality of life for its residents. Throughout development of this plan, they have reviewed existing city initiatives surrounding transportation and infrastructure, urban design, economic development, conservation, sustainability, and resilience to establish long-term goals for the park system that align with and complement existing city priorities.

The Recreation Master Plan is currently in the Visioning phase of the project. After extensive public engagement to obtain feedback on the parks and recreation needs and priorities of the community, the project team is now working with the City to develop a long-range Vision to ensure the City’s parks, recreation programs, and community services meet the needs of residents now and in the future.

Virtual Open House
As part of the City of Sunny Isles Beach Cultural and Community Services Department’s efforts to reimagine the parks, recreation programs, and department services, the City utilized a Virtual Open House to present initial findings obtained by public input. The Virtual Open House and the project materials are still available for viewing.

The Virtual Open House can be accessed at any time, so feel free to share this link with your friends and neighbors and help establish your community Vision. You can visit the virtual open house at:

Center for the Performing Arts Prospect
A Message from Sunny Isles Beach Commissioner Fabiola Stuyvesant.

Right now, the City is investing human and fiscal resources into putting together a Parks and Recreation Master Plan for the next 10 years. In order for this plan to represent your ideas and interests, please complete the online survey and participate in the informative events to be held. For more detailed information, visit:

One ambitious idea is the construction of a much-needed center for the performing arts in Sunny Isles Beach. I believe the best location for this colossal project would be the “square” piece of land at 367 Sunny Isles Boulevard located between the Netanya Center and the Electrical SubStation on Sunny Isles Boulevard. To push forward such a project, we would need not only the support of our residents but also the authorization and collaboration of different government entities. We must start with a use assessment and environmental review of the proposed area and extend to the other two vacant lots (farthest west and east areas of Gateway Park) for further use as well.

Another ambitious idea is the proper development and use of the area under the William Lehman Causeway to create an Outdoor Sports Hub with Tracks, Trails and Multi-Use Paths, Basketball, Volleyball, Tennis, Pickleball, Outdoor Fitness Equipment and more. Just imagine having another safe place to stroll, walk and run away from Collins Avenue.

We want Sunny Isles Beach to be recognized not only for the State-Of-The-Art High-Rises and wonderful beaches but also for superb Cultural, Recreational and Sports Facilities.

You can contact Commissioner Fabiola Stuyvesant at: Or: (305) 792-1751.

For more information on the facilities, programs and services available through the Sunny Isles Beach Cultural and Community Services Department, follow the link below to the Department Website:

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