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Learn-To-Swim & Aqua Fitness: The City of Hollywood Will Teach You How To Swim & Get Healthy

July 21, 2022

The Aquatics Division in The City of Hollywood offers water based programs for participants of all ages and abilities throughout the year at Driftwood Community Pool. Their core belief resides in promoting Water Safety and developing participant's swimming ability through the American Red Cross’s Curriculum. Aquatic Programs and courses are represented in five (5) categories of function; recreational swim, learn-to-swim, competitive swim, water fitness and professional training. So take part this summer in a program that might be of great benefit to your health or a family member’s, you could even save a life.

There are so many benefits to exercising in water. One of the main benefits is that you learn how to use your body effectively without the normal stresses that gravity and exertion normally put you through. In short, you are getting a complete overall full body workout, without the impact to your joints, you won’t get hot, you won’t get nearly as winded and you are having fun! You have an effective way to get a complete overall workout without feeling like you had one.

So how to get started? You may want to learn to swim or take an Aqua Fitness class, well you are in luck. The City of Hollywood is an authorized Provider of the American Red Cross Learn-to-Swim Program. Courses are geared to teach participants, regardless of ability, to learn to swim through goal setting skills levels and accomplishments. Courses are taught by Certified American Red Cross Water Safety Instructors (WSI). Each distinct course in the Learn-to Swim Program is divided by age groups and skill levels.

Here is a list of course offerings, please read each program criteria to find what fits your child’s age and ability before registering for a particular course. If you are unsure of which class to register for, call for assistance at: (954) 967-4644.

Free Swim Lessons
The Children’s Services Council of Broward County has partnered with Broward County’s SWIM Central Program to provide a coupon to help off-set the cost of swimming instruction for children and their families. The coupon is redeemable for a Free Learn-to-Swim Course at Driftwood Community Pool. The child must be older than 6 months and younger than 8 years of age, each child will need their own coupon and may only use one coupon per fiscal year (October 1st through September 30th). Coupons are available only to Broward County Residents. The address provided must be a residence in Broward County (Commercial or Business addresses will not be accepted). To complete the coupon online visit:

Parent & Child
This course has been developed for children 6 months to 3 years, Parent and Child Aquatics helps young children get ready to swim by emphasizing fun in the water. Parents and children participate in several guided practice sessions that help kids learn elementary swimming skills, including water entry, bubble blowing, front kicking, back floating, underwater exploration and more. The course is appropriate for ages 6 months through 3 years.

Preschool Aquatics
The Preschool Aquatics course is designed for children ages 4 and 5 to learn water safety, survival skills and foundational swimming concepts in a safe and fun environment. Skills are age-appropriate, allowing students to achieve success on a regular basis.

Designed for children over 6 years old through adults. Students will progress through the levels at their own pace, mastering the skills in one level before advancing to the next. Each level of our Learn-to-Swim class includes training in basic Water Safety and helping others in an Emergency, in addition to stroke development.

Adaptive Aquatics
Each child is unique and has unique needs. As they grow and develop, their minds and bodies respond in many different ways. One place that all children can learn and grow is in the water. Teaching a child to swim can be fun and educational. The Adaptive Aquatic Program is focused on children with Special Needs; whether Developmental or Physical Disabilities to meet their one-on-one needs. An adult must enter the water with a child.

If your child has not been in the pool for a while and/or do not know what program or skill level to register him/her into, please contact the Driftwood Community Pool and they will help schedule a Swim Test with a Certified Water Safety Instructor at: (954) 967-4644.

Aqua Fitness
All Aquatic activities are non-weight bearing exercises where water, instead of your lower extremities, supports your weight. You can perform these activities, no matter your age, weight or physical prowess.

Aqua Zumba
Known as Zumba “Pool Party,” the Aqua Zumba Program incorporates splashing, stretching, twisting, even shouting, laughing, hooting and hollering to an invigorating workout. Integrating the Zumba formula, Aqua Zumba class blends it all together into a safe, challenging, water-based workout, that’s cardio-conditioning, body toning and most of all exhilarating beyond belief. Program hours are Saturday 9:00 a.m. - 9:45 a.m. and admission is $5.00 per participant (Cash Only).

Water Aerobics
Water Aerobics is a form of Aerobic Exercise that requires water-immersed participants, standing mostly vertically and without swimming typically in waist deep or deeper water. Group fitness class setting with a Trained/Certified United States Water Fitness Association Professional. The classes focus on Aerobic Endurance, Resistance Training, Strength Training in a creative and enjoyable atmosphere. Program times are coming soon and admission is $5.00 per participant (Cash Only).

Lifeguard Training
Interested in a great summer job or challenging Career as a Professional Lifeguard? With hands-on practice you’ll learn teamwork, Water and dryland Rescues and surveillance skills, CPR/AED + First Aid and other skills you need to work as a Professional Lifeguard. Successful completion results in a 2-Year Certification as a Lifeguard & Professional Level CPR/AED + First Aid. You must be at least 15 years old and pass certain Swimming Requirements. If you are interested in scheduling a Preliminary Swim Test, please call: (954) 967-4644.

For more information on how to participate in any of the above courses, please contact the Driftwood Community Pool at: (954) 967-4644.

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