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It's Time To Register Sunny Isles Beach: There Are New Rules To Scoot Safe Throughout The City

March 21, 2024

Do you ride a motorized scooter in Sunny Isles Beach? If so, there’s a new requirement. The city has a new Motorized Scooter Registration Program to enhance your Safety and Security in Sunny Isles Beach. The new City Ordinance requires that all motorized scooters be registered with the City of Sunny Isles Beach. In addition, this Ordinance requires that all scooter riders follow traffic safety rules, including no tandem riding and wearing a helmet if under 16 years of age.

If you plan to operate your motorized scooter within city limits, it is now required to complete the Registration Process under Ordinance 2023-609. But here’s the good news – this registration is not just about following the rules; it’s about safeguarding your scooter. In the unfortunate event of theft and other security concerns, having your scooter registered can make all the difference.

Registering your scooter is easy as 1-2-3. Your can register your scooter in person March 23 at the Egg Scramble at Pelican Community Park - 18115 North Bay Road in Sunny Isles Beach.

If you prefer to register online visit: - After completing the Online Registration Form, applicants will be mailed a Registration Decal. The Decal must be affixed to the scooter in a visible location. This Decal is like your scooter’s very own badge – simply pop it on the front of your scooter (we recommend within 12 inches from the top), and you’re ready to hit the road!

Decals are NOT transferable from one scooter to another. However, a Decal is transferable from one person to another when there has been a change in ownership of the scooter and in accordance with a change in the registration of the motorized scooter.

In addition to registration, this ordinance outlines some important rules for safe scooter operation. Here’s the scoop:

Follow Traffic Signals: Just like any other vehicle, riders must obey official traffic-control signals and signs. It’s all about keeping everyone safe and sound.

Speed Limit: Motorized scooters should not exceed 15 miles per hour on sidewalks and should not exceed 20 miles per hour on the roadway. It’s a fun ride, but let’s keep it safe.

Safety First: If you’re under 16, don’t forget to wear your helmet. We’ve got your noggin covered!

Solo Ride: Scooters are meant for one person at a time, so it’s all about your solo adventure.

Ride With Traffic: Scooters must ride with the flow of traffic and follow traffic signals, using extra caution around intersections and driveways.

Stay in Line: If you are riding alongside another scooter rider, you must ride in a single file line.

Ears Open: While cruising, ditch the cell phone, headset, headphone, or listening device, except for a hearing aid. We need you to stay aware of your surroundings.

Be Visible: Your scooter should sport a reflective front white light, visible from 500 feet away, and a reflective rear red light, visible from 600 feet away. Safety first, even in the dark!

In addition to registration, all who operate a motorized scooter within the City of Sunny Isles Beach must adhere to the rules set forth in Ordinance 2023-609. Failure to do so may result in a citation. For the first violation you will receive a written warning, for the second violation you will receive a minimum fine of $25. For the third and Subsequent Violations there will be a minimum fine of $50, with a maximum penalty of $500 for a single violation. Violators may face non-criminal traffic or pedestrian infractions and officers have the authority to confiscate the scooter.

For more information about Ordinance 2023-609, please call Code: Compliance at: (305) 792-1760. Or visit:

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