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It’s True What Cinderella Said “One Shoe Can Change Your Life”

October 7, 2021

Strut into WMODA to see Stern’s Stilettos, a fabulous exhibition of glass shoes by Miami artist, Rob Stern. The show was inspired by his wife’s obsession and collection of shoes, including Manola Blahnik, Jimmy Choo and Alexander McQueen. This one-of-a-kind installation featuring 50 different glass shoes attempts to capture and reflect some of the many moods and moments in a woman’s life.

Our relationship with our shoes goes beyond functionality, shoes help create a mood, a feeling, or a statement. Whether you feel on top of the world (literally!) When you put on your platforms, princess-like in that sparkly glass number or ready to let loose in that blue suede shoe, they can empower any narrative. Many things have been said about shoes, but one thing is certain: they’re with us every step of the way towards whoever or whatever we want to become.

Stern’s Stilettos is just the first installment of his Accoutrement series, which focuses on how clothing, accessories and, of course, shoes are not only a means of self-expression, but also help create a persona, a veneer or armor, to present and prepare yourself to conquer the world around you. As such, the possibilities, combinations, and stories are endless.

“A woman with good shoes is never ugly” - Coco Chanel
“Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world.” — Marilyn Monroe
“I can’t concentrate in flats!” — Victoria Beckham
“I firmly believe that with the right footwear one can rule the world.” — Bette Midler
“Life is short, your heels shouldn’t be!” – Brian Atwood

The Wiener Museum of Decorative Arts is a world-class museum in Dania Beach, Florida celebrating the fired arts of ceramics and glass. Our galleries showcase the finest British pottery and porcelain from the last two centuries, including Wedgwood and Royal Doulton, as well as European designers from the Art Nouveau and Art Deco eras. Our hot glass collections feature amazing works of art by Lalique, Chihuly and other modern masters. Glass is Hot & Ceramics are Cool @ WMODA! For information about the exhibition you can visit: Or call: (954) 376-6690. The museum is located inside the Gallery of Amazing Things at 481 South Federal Highway in Dania Beach.

About The Artist
My aesthetic resides at the crossroads where humans and nature intersect. Between organic and angular, a space, which connects the temporary man-made to the pre-existing and eternal cosmos. Here we begin to measure our perspective and contemplate the perception of our place in the world as it is one that is always changing with the evolution of space, light, and time. I venture to capture moments with materials that speak to a fleeting sensibility of the permanence or importance of this balancing act. Color and form dictate emotion and humanity is transcended as we reflect in the inherent rhythm and fractal patterning in this natural world. My constant observation of details persuades my attention to nuances in an attempt to mimic the complexity of its simplicity. My creative endeavors and sculptures are mere stepping stones towards my search for understanding life. Harmonic instances between what I sense and do are the signals which guide me through my processes and prompt daily decisions. My works act as a communicative device which seeks to connect my thoughts and my actions to the collective human consciousness. A path seeking insight and enlightenment which carries me forwards and always seems to bring me back to the glass.

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