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In Memory Of My Beloved Kind, Loving, Irreplaceable Doggie, Daisy

By Ira Liebowitz

November 17, 2022

November 22nd, 2009 - November 12th, 2022 - I will always love you, Daisy dear. I love you so much. I can't believe you are gone. Losing you is hard to bear. It Is very hard. My beloved pooch, doggie, friend pal and companion. In your doggie bed behind the sofa, I knew you were there always for me. To cuddle. To kiss your forehead and cheek. Kind, compassionate and loving. Of note: you were most beautiful. My rust and white-colored Siberian Husky.

A fluffy bundle of love. Daisy dear, that was your sole purpose in this life to love and be kind and smiling at everyone, seniors and tots, children, toddlers not much taller than you would delight. "Can I pet your dog?" they'd say when we went out for a walk. Adored you, as did all the neighbors and people you'd encounter and make their day that much brighter. A ray of sunshine penetrating whatever gloom. You raised my spirit, cheered me just to look at and behold such a wonderful, acutely lovely animal.

Expressive blue eyes. Your sweet face and cheerful disposition. Ten years have passed since I rolled with you on the floor of the cubicle, the little room at the Soffer Humane Society on Dixie Highway. Twenty-five people had signed papers longing, yearning to have you as their pet.

Dayle there knew that you and I, my beloved, irreplaceable companion, were a match made in heaven. They gave you to me. You were three years young and had never had a toy. Scruffy and flea-bitten with an ear infection. The kind folks at Soffer had nurtured you to health. I took mom with me to claim Daisy, which was my sister's suggestion for a name, as you'd been referred to as Alexandria. Memorably, that day you sauntered up to the window to kiss me through the glass and for a decade you enraptured all that had the privilege to see you. You, dear, were, indeed, a local celebrity. I'd toss you tidbits from my plate at local establishments, notably Padrinos, The Upper Deck and Sage Bagel, which became Mo's Bagels. These venues are run by nice people. You'd "wolf down" chicken strips. You'd differentiate the good human-food from the canine stuff. Recently you partook of chicken soup, known as Jewish Penicillin. Importantly, you joined me steadfastly for about seven Walk-a-thons for Charity, the latest being to thwart Breast Cancer. Thank you! Thank you! Did I forget to mention Hair People? Sandy, Dawn, Bobbi and Jack would invite you in to mingle with the guests who were expertly groomed from head to toe. They'd give you and me a cookie and even placed your photo behind their front desk. Would you post this letter at your establishment? Many knew and loved you at the Diplomat Resort on Hollywood Beach. Like a celebrity, your admirers and devotees were legion. Lastly, my gratitude to my mom, Mickey, perennially young at heart, sometimes referred to as the "angel" or "mango lady." I could not provide my Daisy with a superior diet and "noshes" and medical attention without her support. She loved my dog and lastly, kudos to Craig, Fred, Cecile and Kathy at the South Florida Sun Times who have permitted me free of charge to say farewell, I still can't believe my pal Daisy is gone and I'm crying on the inside!

Some people came over to assuage my hurt heart during this time of grieving. A neighbor, Steven, carried Daisy to a corner of mom's backyard amid a young palm tree and not far from the mango tree, a piece of paradise. May Daisy delight in the flowers that I plant there-even, daisies! I once wrote a poem after writing about a City Commission Meeting a lifetime ago. The father of a Commissioner had just passed away and, still, this devoted gentleman was there that day to serve the townspeople. "Time does not wait and survivors somehow must move on," my words ended. I will always love and miss and visit Daisy in the yard. If I am a good enough human being, I hope to see her, my sweet, fluffy friend in heaven. I love you, always, my dear friend. But, I have some more things to do first. Just perhaps, through the Lord's Grace may I be able to help those in need. Goodbye, farewell, my sweet, cuddly, lovable kind friend. Rest in peace.


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