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House of Chi Mobile Spa & House of Chi Education: Experience Marie Theresa’s “Magic Healing Hands”

By Austin Torres

May 17, 2023

Medicine Woman and Harpist, Marie Theresa Davis invites you to experience her unique five-star rated holistic luxury mobile spa. With over 12 years of experience, Marie Theresa has made it her mission and life’s work to care for patients and teach students and the community about the benefits of various massage therapy modalities. She along with the stellar team at House of Chi take a holistic osteopathic approach to healing the body, mind, and spirit which is suitable for people of all ages. To celebrate Mother’s the team invites you to experience the magic of House of Chi with a 10% discount whenever you mention Sun Post Articles.

As a member of the Florida State Massage Association and Board Certified with the National Certification Board of Massage Therapy and Bodyworkers, Marie Theresa is a highly skilled professional capable of offering a wide array of services. The team at House of Chi Mobile Spa is equipped to offer massage therapy, advanced Craniosacral therapy, lymphatic drainage, skincare treatment, prenatal massage, as well as ionic detox foot baths, and microcurrent treatments.

Are you struggling with Arthritic pain in the hands or feet? Marie Theresa and the team at House of Chi offer manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage (MLD) to bring you relief. This specialized form of massage therapy involves your therapist utilizing advanced techniques to remove Arthritic enzymes from bone, tendons, and joints to relieve you of unnecessary pain. For those of you suffering from sciatica Marie Theresa also offers a soft stretch of the spine’s dura membrane to relieve your lower back of pressure and sciatic pain.

MLD for post and pre plastic surgery is also highly recommended. Marie Theresa also offers emergency hospital service. A full body MLD for 360BBL, arms, legs, face can reduce painful inflammation and discomfort. Marie Theresa recommends to obtain her professional MLD treatment a couple times before surgery to reduce any toxin inflammation before surgery. House of Chi additionally provides packages from 5 to 10 daily treatments at the convenience of your location.

Many lymphatic vessels are removed permanently from the body through surgery which consequently leads to continual bloating. Marie Theresa’s MLD treatment redirects lymph fluid to drain into lymphatic thoracic duct pathways from altered traumatized tissues. Marie Theresa strongly recommends continual periodic treatments throughout the year and annually to relieve pain from fluid buildup and avoid fibrosis lumps.

Sufferers of headaches, concussions, mental fog or low energy might find additional relief through Marie Theresa’s Craniosacral Sacral Therapy (CST) in addition to the aforementioned treatments. CST applies a light touch approach that invokes deep relaxation to release tension in the body to relieve pain and dysfunction which ultimately results in an improvement of body health and performance. By placing you into a deep state of relaxation blood oxygen flow increases to the brain and liberates the central nervous system to perform at its best.

CST is a natural approach to the elimination of pain and stress which can strengthen your resistance to disease and enhances your health and overall well-being. Studies suggest that Craniosacral Therapy improves the immune system and may improve pain and dysfunction related to a variety of conditions including: mental fatigue, Dementia, Alzheimer’s Disease, migraines and headaches, brain and spinal injuries, chronic fatigue, ADD/ADHD, Parkinson’s Disease, PTSD, and several others. CST’S gentle technique also makes it an effective form of therapy for all ages, from babies to the elderly.

To get the most benefits of Marie Theresa’s treatments you might combine treatments with another. For example, if you suffer from headaches, fatigue and low energy, you could try CST and Manual Lymphatic Drainage to reduce inflammation of cranial nerves and dura membrane to can increase visual and mental clarity and also naturally produce more internal energy through anxiety release. By combining treatments, you get the most benefits for the greatest value.

For pregnant women you might find House of Chi’s prenatal massages to be enormously helpful in the alleviation of stress and pain. As a mobile service that places customer satisfaction and comfort at the forefront of their goals, Marie Theresa will personally come to your door with a prenatal table and offer a tension relieving massage that can reduce back and leg pain, labor pain, and reduce anxiety and stress. She can also bring a prenatal table to offer full body professional lymphatic drainage. Marie is fully trained to care for the mother with cranial sacral therapy in the labor room.

Marie Theresa is also a skincare specialist who offers clientele a wide variety of services and packages making each treatment tailor-made just for you. With House of Chi, you can schedule a variety of facials including restoration vitamin enzyme, European, acne, and stem cell. Marie Theresa also offers micro current facials, body scrubs, Thai ball facial massages and meridian facials.

These are only a few of the treatments offered at House of Chi. Marie Theresa also specializes in oriental acupressure, Thai stretch, reflexology, hot stones and seashells, electrical cupping to reach each patient's physical and emotional balance, yoga, fitness, deep breathing meditation, channeling Archangelic realm. Marie Theresa is also a holistic life coach who is offering to educate each patient in Hatha yoga for stretching, toning, and extrasensory development as a Shalom, Reiki Master.

As a Reiki Master, Marie Theresa melds her Craniosacral balance treatment with neuromuscular Swedish/deep tissue, and oriental acupressure to open up energy meridians. She additionally offers Thai massage fascia stretching, and reflexology with inspirational life coaching and yoga instruction all for the same price as a normal massage.

Marie Theresa Davis is also available for table or chair massage and/or harp engagements performing 1200-1600 medieval classical music in medieval costume for any occasion including adult/children spa parties, corporate holiday, appreciation events and yacht or sport events. Treatment engagements can include sound therapy, gong, harp, bowls, bells, Ojna Drum & Am Indian drum and flutes of your choice for ambiance.

House of Chi Spa is a mobile service that offers in-home, hotel, and corporate service. To reach House of Chi you can contact Marie Theresa for an initial phone consultation. Marie Theresa and the House of Chi treat individual patients and groups as well: children/adult party, couples, corporate, festivals, schools, healthcare facilities, faculty Appreciation Days. Business hours are Monday-Sunday 9:00a-9:00p in person or online. House of Chi is available by text/cell: 786.274.3346. You can additionally visit House of Chi’s website at: or email them at:

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