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Hollywood's New Virtual Parking Permit Program

September 29, 2022

The City’s new virtual parking permit system launches on Monday, October 3rd. This new virtual system will use a vehicle owner’s license plate as their parking permit, thereby eliminating the need for physical paper permits to be issued or displayed. From resident permits to business or guest, all types of parking permit categories will be virtual via a customers’ plate. Current permit holders will be automatically transferred into the new system.

The online permit application process will remain largely unchanged; however permits will now be issued via the online portal. New customers will be able to create an online account and submit all their documents to the portal. Once documents have been vetted, the permit immediately becomes active. Additional benefits of the new Virtual Parking Permit System include:

• Faster issuance, post vetting
• Streamlined application process
• Ease of use for customers
• Improved program efficiencies
• Reduction of waste

A $1.50 convenience fee will be charged for use of the online portal. The fee is waived for in-person office visits or parking kiosk use. Permitted parking locations remain unchanged. For more information on the virtual permit program or other parking initiatives underway, please contact the Parking Division at 954-921-3535.

We Want to Hear From You!
Take the Business Visitation Program Survey!

The Business Visitation Program is underway and we want to hear from you! The City, in partnership with the Greater Hollywood Chamber of Commerce, has launched a joint venture to survey business owners and stop by to visit businesses Citywide. The goal of the program is to strengthen the partnership between the City, local Chamber and the business community, enhance communication, Identify retention and growth opportunities for businesses, introduce the community to contacts, and create opportunities to voice concerns and discuss how the City and Chamber can work more closely with Hollywood business owners.

Business owners are encouraged to take a brief survey and will have the opportunity to request a in person visit with City staff. The invitation is available now through Wednesday, October 12th. Take the survey:

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