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Help Iris Heal: Give Her a Fighting Chance At a New Life

August 10, 2023

Have you heard the tear-jerking survival story of the two-year-old dog who has hit by a car? The Humane Society of Greater Miami would like to introduce you to Iris! Sweet, little Iris was found on the side of the road and brought to the shelter in terrible shape. Based on her injuries, it appeared she had been hit by a car. She was in desperate need of medical attention. The impact of the accident caused severe injuries including two broken limbs and possible ligament injuries, which left her completely unable to walk.

To make matters worse, she had terrible road rash on her back, leg and mouth. The Humane Society of Greater Miami staff knew that in order to give Iris a chance at recovering from such a terrible incident, she would need to be rushed to an emergency hospital right away.

At the vet, it was discovered that Iris also suffered chest and head trauma. Despite the pain, which caused her to stay on her side most of the time, Iris maintained a sweet disposition, nuzzling the staff every chance she got. Iris’s prognosis showed hope for a full recovery, but it would be a long journey. It was projected to cost the animal welfare organization close to $25,000 to get her back to good health, which involved at least three surgeries to repair her fractures. The teams were committed to giving her a fighting chance at a new life – happy and healthy. The Humane Society of Greater Miami began a fundraising campaign for Iris’s care right away and made sure that Iris began all necessary treatment immediately!

After two successful surgeries and round-the-clock care post-surgery, Iris had to go home with an experienced foster parent. It was imperative to have a foster who would not only give her the love and accommodations she needed to heal comfortably, but could also keep an eye out for any signs of medical stress during her stay. Thankfully, she found a great foster home with one of the vet techs, where she received plenty of TLC.

About a week into her recovery, Iris started to show new symptoms and was rushed back to the vet. Iris was suffering from a diaphragmatic hernia, which causes organs to move upward into her thorax. In addition, she had internal tears, an esophageal blockage and pancreatitis. These issues were caused by the impact of the accident, but did not show up in any initial scans. They did not become evident until several weeks later. Iris had to be rushed into emergency surgery and then spent several days recovering in the hospital. This unforeseen complication increased Iris’s vet bill by almost $10,000. Now, more than ever, the support of the community is crucial! It is only with your help that the Humane Society of Greater Miami can pay for Iris’s life-saving treatment.

As a non-profit organization, the Humane Society of Greater Miami is not funded by the government. They rely on donations from animal-lovers like you to help the homeless animals in need. YOU can help give Iris the fighting chance at a full recovery by providing financial support! Any donation will make a life-changing impact on Iris's healing journey.

The Humane Society of Greater Miami will not give up on Iris. She is the sweetest girl with a wonderful spirit - and is a true fighter. Iris is doing better every day as she continues on her road to recovery. Once she is healed, she is sure to win over the heart of everyone she meets. Iris could not get the second chance she desperately needs without you. Please consider donating to the Humane Society to help Iris heal at:!

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