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Heartfelt Generosity: Craig Zinn's Noble Gesture And The NMPD's Mounted Patrol Expansion

November 9, 2023

The bond between a community and its police force is a vital cornerstone for ensuring safety and trust. On Tuesday, October 31st, the North Miami Police Department (NMPD) witnessed an extraordinary event that underscored the power of community-oriented policing. The occasion was set at Toyota of Hollywood, marking a pivotal ceremony to honor CEO Craig Zinn of the Craig Zinn Automotive Group (CZAG) for his benevolent act: the donation of two horses, Kashmir and Lexus, to the NMPD's Mounted Patrol.

The Craig Zinn Automotive Group stands as a symbol of excellence in the automotive industry, with dealerships like Lexus of Pembroke Pines, Toyota of Hollywood, Subaru of Pembroke Pines, Acura of Pembroke Pines, and Lexus of North Miami under its umbrella. Beyond automobiles, the group exemplifies a commitment to community welfare, as proven by this recent act of generosity.

The NMPD's Mounted Patrol holds a distinctive role in community engagement, aiming to foster connections and trust between law enforcement and the residents, business owners, and visitors of North Miami. The addition of these two equine members, Kashmir and Lexus, has extended the patrol's ability to interact and serve the community in unique and impactful ways.

Craig Zinn's dedication to bolstering the efforts of the NMPD did not go unnoticed. The ceremony, overseen by NMPD Chief of Police Cherise Gause, was attended by the Mounted Patrol and other members of the police department and community. It was a moment of recognition and gratitude, where Chief Gause presented Zinn with symbols of appreciation — a custom badge, plaque, and a custom-made mounted patrol shirt, acknowledging his invaluable support and dedication.

The heartfelt ceremony wasn’t just about honoring an individual's generosity; it was a celebration of community spirit. Horses Kashmir and Lexus, standing proudly as the newest additions to the patrol, were introduced alongside Pouncer, a seasoned member of the NMPD mounted patrol, who has long been a beloved and trusted presence within the community.

The significance of this gesture goes far beyond the donation itself. It speaks volumes about the unity and collaboration between private entities and law enforcement agencies in furthering the mission of community-oriented policing. Such initiatives bridge gaps, reinforce trust, and amplify the efficiency of public service, leading to safer and more engaged neighborhoods.

The NMPD Mounted Patrol's responsibilities are diverse, extending from regular patrols to supporting the Field Operations Division in addressing issues like illegal parking in designated spaces for the handicapped. The presence of these horses elevates the patrol's visibility and accessibility, fostering a more approachable and relatable image for the force.

Craig Zinn's act sets a poignant example for others in the business community, emphasizing the importance of giving back and supporting local law enforcement. Such gestures not only benefit the police departments but also create a ripple effect in the community, inspiring others to step forward and contribute to the betterment of society.

In the grand scheme of community safety and engagement, every act of kindness and support counts. Craig Zinn’s gesture serves as a reminder that partnerships between private corporations and public service entities can create a significant impact on community relations and safety measures.

The addition of horses Kashmir and Lexus to the NMPD Mounted Patrol stands as a symbol of unity, generosity, and an unwavering commitment to fostering safer, more engaged communities.

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