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Hallandale Eats Is Back: City Launches Efforts To Celebrate its diverse restaurants

By David L. Snelling

November 4, 2021

The second annual event, which runs through November 14, showcases 24 of the city's finest restaurants

The City of Hallandale Beach is the mecca for dining and 24 of the city's finest restaurants will be on display during the second annual Hallandale Eats Restaurant Showcase.

The event runs through November 14.

The inaugural event last year was a huge success that the Hallandale Beach Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) has brought it back in 2021.

The CRA launched the event to celebrate the city's wide range of cuisine and dining experiences and showcase the diverse, international scope of cuisines.

The eateries are offering special cuisines dishes and discounts.

In addition, the campaign assists restaurants that were impacted by COVID-19 restrictions and lift the spirits of patrons who were afraid to go out and eat.

Eli Khazzam, economic development manager for the Hallandale Community Redevelopment Agency, said the CRA is funding the campaign through radio and news advertising at no costs to the restaurants.

He said the city is hoping the annual event will grow each year.

Khazzam said patrons are invited to visit more than one restaurant in the two-week time frame so they have the opportunity to sample different styles of cuisine.

He said while there are limited supplies available, patrons can receive a free, thermal insulated bag with their meal.

Khazzam said patrons can participate in Hallandale Eats by visiting the city's website (you can see them on the landing page) to see which 24 restaurants are in the showcase.

They can place their orders for pick up or dine in as well.

“The event is not a food festival; the restaurants have their different special menus with discounts," Khazzam said. "Patrons must tell participating restaurants that they would like the promotion item(s). They don't have to bring a coupon.”

Some of the participating eateries are in or around an area the CRA calls the Food, Fashion, Art and Design District (FFADD), which is located between NE 1st Avenue and NE 2nd Avenue and borders Hallandale Beach Blvd. and NW 7th Street.

Khazzam said Blues Burger, Crudos Fusion Art, El Tayta Peruvian Restaurant, Dr. Limon Ceviche Bar, Dunns River Island Cafe, Hummus Achla, IL Mercato Cafe and Wine Stop, La Estancia Argentina Hallandale, Marash Turkish Cuisine, Nana's SapiBon Haitian Restaurant, Pastry is Art Hallandale and Moises Bakery are among the 24 restaurants in the showcase from start to finish.

Khazzam said the CRA was the brainchild of the event to focus on the city's dining industry.

He said the restaurants that participated in the inaugural event reported they did well and that the results could not have come at a better time.

Khazzam said they couldn't wait for the second annual event to roll around.

"The reports we got is that they did good at a time when they were having a hard time because people were not going out to eat because they were afraid of the coronavirus," he said. "The event helped the businesses and people were made aware of the many restaurants we have in Hallandale Beach. We have nearly 100 restaurants / eateries and they are not expensive. Prices are reasonable for peoples' budgets."

Some of the participating restaurants said Hallandale Eats helped their businesses reach out to more customers.

Eddie Hernandez, co-owner of Crudos Fusion Art in Hallandale Beach and Wynwood in Miami, said he's looking forward to Hallandale Eats again.

He said the event helped his new location in Broward.

Crudos Fusion Art in Hallandale Beach. 801 North Federal Highway, Ste, 215, opened in 2019 and his location in Wynwood has been around for four years.

The restaurants menu include Saku Parme San Tuna, Grilled Octopus, Ramen Noodle Burger and, of course, cocktails.

"Hallandale Eats helped to a certain degree and we needed the event to let people know we opened a restaurant in Hallandale Beach," he said. "The event should help us out again this year."

Hernandez said patrons are more financially conservative in Hallandale Beach because of the effects of COVID-19 but his patrons in Wynwood act as if the pandemic never existed.

"In Wynwood, we are busy all day and every day," Hernandez said. "In Hallandale Beach, we do well on Fridays and Saturdays. The majority populations feel safer to go out in Wynwood and I wish the same can happen for us in Hallandale Beach." Nicole Combeau, who co-owns Dr. Limon Ceviche Bar, located at 801 North Federal Highway, said Hallandale Eats is an opportunity for the community to come together and restaurants can showcase their talents.

"The event helps us connect deeper with the community," she said. "You can learn a lot from each other when we come together." Dr. Limon Ceviche Bar serve up dishes like the Parrilla Marinera, Pervuvian Sushi Rolls and Arroz con Mariscos.

In Hallandale Beach, patrons could choose from as much as 100 restaurants with dishes ranging from Argentinian and Turkish, to Italian and Haitian foods.

Hallandale Eats also brings awareness to Hallandale Beach's year-around experience which includes shopping, dining, entertainment and a wide range of sporting activities like tennis, golf, swimming, boating and fishing.

Evenings offer a choice of fine or casual dining and nightclub entertainment for all ages from ballroom dancing to rock’ n roll.

Hallandale Beach, consisting of four square miles, is conveniently located between Fort Lauderdale and Miami, next to Aventura with access to the Fort Lauderdale / Hollywood and Miami International airports, Port Everglades, Port of Miami, and I-95. Visitors as well as residents can enjoy beautiful beaches, comfortable hotels, and exciting pari-mutuel wagering at two of South Florida’s premier “racinos.” Gulfstream Park is a venerable venue to watch the thoroughbreds run especially during the Florida Derby, held every spring. The Big Easy Casino is a player’s paradise with 1,100 Vegas-style slot machines.

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