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Hallandale "Beach Chair" Progress: A New Ordinance Is In The Works By The City

By Hallandale Beach Mayor, Joy Cooper

April 11, 2024

Last week I reported on an issue that has really impacted our beach residents. Our city beach is only one mile long with the supermajority abutting residential condominiums. South City Park was developed as part of our Parks Master Plan and includes, walk paths, playground area, Volleyball Court, Bocce Court, a covered multipurpose pavilion, four smaller covered picnic areas, restrooms, a concession stand and public parking. It is a gem that is used by not just our residents but visitors looking for a quiet beach. It is not commercial at all.

Our beach is also unique due to how active the shoreline is. We have a beach where there are hotspots for beach erosion. This is where the ocean wave and north south currents combined with the Fort Lauderdale Port system has created adverse reactions to our beach sand.

Residents who have not lived here a long time may not have seen waves breaking on the seawall at Parker Dorado, our most southern condominium. They have had no beach at some points in time. Wave actions, storms and sea level rise have continued to erode our beaches. Mother Nature is unpredictable. She can take sand away and at times redeposit it back.

Over the past twenty years there have been 3 beach renourishment projects. The most recent was just completed. As I wrote last week, now that it is completed, and our beach is back, condominiums are now wanting to utilize that beach and store beach chairs and in some cases present them for their owners.

This practice is not unusual. Cities along the coast often have regulations allowing storage of chairs and umbrellas. The rules vary from city to city. Counties also have varying rules. Our city has rules, but they do not allow storage or commercial use of the beach without written approval. In light of this our condominium owners have requested the ability to have chairs and storage.

Over the past week I have researched these varying rules and submitted my suggestion to the commission on Monday the 8th for discussion at our regular meeting. Below are the suggestions. I will report next week and update that hopefully will include notice of the first reading of the ordinance.

Beach Furniture Operators that are party to a contract with an association representing property that directly abuts the public beach may obtain a permit to provide beach chairs on an on-demand basis to the frontage. Operators may only provide setup, storage and/or other beach furniture services to residents or guests of the building only.

This ordinance does not guarantee the ability to store chairs. Permits may be issued and removed based on the shoreline conditions. The City Manager or his designee will approve designated storage areas depending on safety, availability, and shoreline conditions to be included in a beach furniture operation agreement.

No beach furniture within 12 feet of a lifeguard tower. No beach furniture shall block access to the beach for safety personnel and their vehicles. No storage boxes or similar type structures are allowed on the beach unless specifically part of a planned area and permitted.

Beach chairs that are stored overnight must be covered and secured to protect sea turtles from crawling underneath the chairs. Beach chairs shall be secured or tied to the ground. No storage of chairs permitted on dunes.

Requests to relocate beach furniture shall be complied with immediately. Failure to remove chairs will be considered a violation of the permit and revocation. City to remove chairs and items in violation of Code or not relocated in accordance with a written request from the City. The cost of removal and storage of chairs and other equipment will be the responsibility of the condominium.

The maximum number of chairs that may be stored will be less than 10% of the number of units, or a specific number to be determined by the city manager or his designee to provide safe enjoyable access to the beach. Operators will be allowed to pre-set up to a certain percent of their overall chair count. Additional chairs may be placed on an as needed basis dependent upon an agreed operations plan agreement.

All Condominium/Vendors that provide beach chairs shall be required to provide approved trash receptacle and disposal of such trash at their own costs. Removal of and use of city receptacles is prohibited. All beach chair operators shall clean up their respective areas throughout the day and hand rake and clean the area at the end of the day.

I have attempted to include all concerns and ideas that have been presented to me. This is a work in process and the commission must agree by a majority vote. We set the policies of the city, and our City Manager is in charge of day-to-day operations. The ordinance also will not prevent our city from providing chairs or from contracting with services at our parks.

As always feel free to contact me anytime with your questions, concerns and ideas to make our City better! I can be reached at: Or: Or Facebook Mayor Joy Cooper. You can always call my Office number at: (954) 457-1318. Or Call/Text me at: (954) 632-5700. Working for you! Always have! Always will!

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