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Florida Toll Relief: A New Program Saved Commuters Over $41 Million In March Alone

April 27, 2023

The Toll Relief Program introduced by Governor DeSantis and enacted by the Florida Legislature launched on January 1st, 2023. Now in its third month, Florida commuters continue to see significant savings as a result of the program. In the month of March, account credits of $41.5 Million were posted to 1 million customer accounts.

You already know SunPass customers save money on tolls when compared to TOLL-BY-PLATE, but with the Toll Relief Program, customers can save even more on tolls!
No registration is required. SunPass customers just need to meet the eligibility requirements found at:

The year-long program automatically gives customers with at least 35 monthly toll transactions a 50 percent credit to their account. Since the program’s inception in January, more than $112 Million in Toll Relief credits have been issued benefiting 1.2 million Floridians.

“With a savings of $112 Million received so far, Florida families are seeing real assistance from the Toll Relief program every month,” said Florida Department of Transportation Secretary Jared W. Perdue, P.E. “The Department is thrilled to continue our support of this program and we thank Governor DeSantis for providing our customers with additional opportunities to meet today’s economic challenges.”

“As the state’s toll agency, Florida’s Turnpike Enterprise is proud to offer our loyal customers the opportunity to enjoy increased toll savings,” said Florida’s Turnpike Enterprise Executive Director and CEO, Nicola Liquori. “In just the first three months, the Toll Relief Program has been extremely successful in helping to ease the financial burden on Florida’s families.”

The Toll Relief program builds on the successful SunPass Savings Program that concluded in December 2022 and resulted in 384,000 drivers saving over $18 Million. The legislation, originally proposed by Governor DeSantis in September 2022, was successfully passed during a Legislative Special Session in November. Governor DeSantis signed Senate Bill 6A on December 15th, establishing the Toll Relief program through the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT).

The program runs through December 31st, 2023 and is expected to provide an average of 1.2 million drivers with savings of nearly $480 over the course of the year. The Toll Relief Program is administered by Florida’s Turnpike Enterprise and includes SunPass as well as other Florida-based tolling agency partners throughout the state. Customers are encouraged to ensure their transponder is properly mounted in the vehicle and their account is in good standing to participate in the program.

A map of included toll facilities in the Toll Relief Program can be found here.

SunPass is the prepaid electronic toll collection program operated by Florida’s Turnpike Enterprise, the toll agency for the state. To learn more about SunPass, please visit: - Or call: 1 (888) TOLL-FLA 1 (888) 865-5352.

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