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Drink God’s Water, Help Save Haiti

By Austin Torres - Aventura Digest

September 16, 2021

Local Entrepreneur Creates Charity to Help Victims of the Earthquake in Haiti

On August 14th 2021 Haiti was stricken by a magnitude 7.2 earthquake, claiming the lives of 2,248 people and injuring over 12,000 others. Homes, infrastructure, and livelihoods have all taken a brutal hit, leaving thousands of citizens to pick up the broken pieces. This event marks yet another moment in history of tragedy for Haiti. Paul-B Carré, a local citizen, real estate guru and auction bidding specialist, and ambassador to the Diaspora Power– an organization whose goal it is to rally Haitians across the globe to help support causes that could improve the conditions of their home country– saw in this tragedy a God-given chance to give back to his community.

Upon receiving a pallet of water from Syllas food store, a supporter of the Diaspora Power, Paul had an epiphany. The cost of shipping the pallet of water (60 cases of 40 bottles, 2400 in total) to Haiti, is more than the price of the water itself. Realizing this, Paul decided that it would be more effective to give the water away in exchange for donations that could be sent directly to the communities affected by the earthquake where they could spend it on water as well as other necessary resources. To implement this, Paul has created his own official charity:

“It’s called God’s Free Water, it’s essential to life. I realized I can give this water out for free, thirsty people can get the water they need and we can also help Haiti get the support they need, and perhaps I can get a donation in return from those that want to give back,” said Paul.

Paul’s philosophy is simple. We have been blessed with an abundance of water, so why not give it away for free?

“It’s natural, it’s from God. I just feel it’s right to give the water back.”

Paul will work with volunteers to hand out water for free with an option to donate. All proceeds will be sent to the victims of the Haiti earthquake. But it doesn’t end there, Paul also hopes to expand his charity and give to other causes, choosing at the moment to focus more on Haiti.

“Although everything we receive at the moment will be sent back to Haiti, our program will not be limited to this. We will keep on passing out water on the streets with volunteers and I will accept donations for different causes such as the children of St. Jude, Camillus House for the homeless, and any other just causes that need support. I just want to give back to humanity,” said Paul.

From the moment he was born, Paul was thrust into an environment that put special emphasis on communal participation and social and political awareness. His father, Hubert Carré, was a Haitian diplomat for over 45 years, under 4 different governments, and spoke 7 languages. Due to his father’s occupation Paul moved frequently and was raised not only in Haiti, but also South America, Europe, and Africa. This upbringing would go on to influence Paul in notable ways, inspiring him to be a contributing member of his community.

Since July of 2021, Paul has been acting Ambassador to the Diaspora Power, a non-profit 501c3 organization whose objective is to work globally with Haitian communities in the Diaspora to bring an end to hunger and to considerably reduce poverty in Haiti. According to the UN, 1.5 million people are facing food insecurity, and 6.7 million are struggling to meet their food needs on a regular basis. This has been further exacerbated by the 2010 and 2021 earthquakes. As ambassador, Paul’s works together with other members of the Haitians diaspora (those living in different parts of the globe other than their homeland) to help directly fund projects that could benefit their community back home.

“As an ambassador my job is to unify and put together projects where I can get the community together to donate towards specific projects that can help out back home.”

Although he has only recently begun his position as Ambassador, Paul has worked with the Diaspora Power and other organizations for several years. On January 18th, After the 2010 earthquake in Haiti, Paul worked with the Gaskov Clergé Foundation to team up with doctors and bring supplies back to the communities afflicted by the catastrophe.

“In 2010 I rallied 60 doctors and went on to a C-130 out of the air force here in South Florida and was part of a team that brought back home 60,000 pounds of medication and water,” said Paul.

As a pillar of the community, it’s Paul’s greatest ambition to continue to give back as much as he can. Aside from raising money for the victims of the Haiti earthquake and other organizations with the express intent of making the world a better place, Paul also hopes to get the youth, especially those that have a troubled history, involved as volunteers who he can also mentor on how to give back to the community and teach them how to give back to the community.

At the moment, Paul intends to begin handing out water on the corner of I-95 and Hallandale Blvd where he will also hand out pamphlets with verses from the Bible, but he also intends on targeting other locations as he begins to gather more volunteers for his organization. God’s Free Water is currently accepting and inviting any citizens to join in and volunteer. Currently, water is being stored by supporter and friend, Aaron Moss, President and coowner of Appetites, a custom catering solutions business that specializes in cold meal packaging, and shipping. Together, they are hoping to also begin sending out 50,000 meals bi-weekly to those in need, paid for by the Diaspora Power.

For more information on how you can volunteer and contribute to God’s Water and The Diaspora Power you can visit their websites at and You can also contact God’s Free Water at 786.743.1129. God’s Free Water is an officially recognized charity, EIN: 87-2531972.

We encourage you all to join in, participate and take action to assist the victims of the Haiti Earthquake. Together, with the help of the community we can provide resources and support for those in need and collectively work together to create a stronger more united community.

“My favorite part of running this business is the fact that I’m giving back to humanity. It gives me the feeling of fulfillment and accomplishment.”

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