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Dr. Jessica Cismas Improves Smiles, Facial Structure and Health with Advanced Cosmetic Dentistry

October 21, 2021

Dr. Jessica Cismas is a general and cosmetic dentist. With more than 57,000 patients to her credit in private practice and clinics throughout the United States and Canada, she has been recognized throughout her profession for her remarkable dexterity, artistic skills and gentle, kind approach

Dr. Cismas earned her DMD (Doctor of Medical Dentistry) in 2005 from University of Montreal and completed her GPR (General Practice Residency) in 2006 from McGill University. Immediately after completing her schooling, she moved to Manhattan, where she worked for 12 years in diverse dental offices, for the purpose of acquiring a wide range of unique experiences. She continues to participate regularly in weekly dental group studies and attends more than double the required continuing education classes annually to keep abreast of the latest technology and innovative procedures in her field.

During her 16-year career, Dr. Cismas has performed thousands of procedures that include veneers, tooth bonding, teeth bleaching, crowns, bridges, inlays, onlays, emergency treatments, root canals, fillings, extractions, night guards, flippers, Valplast® partial and full dentures, periodontal treatment and implant restorative care. She also completed many treatments using FirstFit®, Invisalign®, Clear Correct® and Snap-On Smiles®. Dr. Cismas uses cutting edge technology incorporating digital dentistry on a daily basis.

However, her true passion is cosmetic dentistry. Many patients are referred to her for challenging aesthetic problems. Some of them are patients who are not satisfied with previous cosmetic procedures; others are simply curious as to how they can improve their smile.

“Technology has removed a lot of guess work in dentistry,” says Dr. Cismas, but in cosmetic dentistry, a keen sense of artistry must be applied for the ultimate aesthetic effect. I only use the best materials, equipment and team with the top labs in the country to achieve the best results.”

Through her weekly online consults with dental groups around the world, Dr. Cismas is exposed to ever-changing new approaches and techniques and she will update current procedures in her practice as indicated.

In her calm and compassionate manner, once Dr. Cismas carefully has explained the problem to her patient, she will present several corrective options that can work, allowing for the patient to make his or her own decision. “It’s important for patients to understand the problem and take the time to make the right choice for themselves, based on their personal priorities,” she adds.

Dr. Cismas has been part of Aventura Dental Group since 2017. She works very closely with the periodontists in her office to methodically plan implant and periodontal surgery and treatment.

“Quite often patients appear with improperly placed implants, because the practitioner did not have an overall plan in mind for a final restoration of the mouth. Consequently, gum problems can occur and the implant may need to be removed and replaced,” says Dr. Cismas. “That’s the benefit of evaluating the situation along with the periodontist.”

When teeth are being treated or broken teeth repaired, Dr. Cismas pays particular attention to occlusion, defined as the meeting of the upper and lower teeth. “Correct occlusion of a patient’s bite is important whether simply filling a tooth or performing a full mouth reconstruction,” she says. Because this is such a significant concern in good dentistry, Dr. Cismas went above and beyond to complete a year-long specialty course just on occlusion.

“Typical presentations of occlusion problems are worn down, aging or broken teeth.” says Dr Cismas. “This damage can cause loss of a patient’s facial vertical dimension. As the patient’s bite slowly collapses, the jaw reacts by closing more than it should, which affects alignment of the teeth, lips and other facial features. Results could include flattened upper and lower lips, wrinkling and droopy, folding facial skin, especially in the corners of the lips.” Dr. Cismas notes that these are the facial changes that contribute to an aging appearance!

“The solution in this situation is to open the patient’s bite in order to restore it to how it was in the past or even improve it.

By restoring the bite, Dr. Cismas says that facial structure improves. Premature wrinkles can be stretched over an improved alignment. With better support, lips can appear fuller, lessening the need for Botox and fillers.

“A collapsed bite can be corrected with metal braces or clear plastic liners such as Invisalign®, veneers, inlays, onlays, crowns, bridges and/or implants” says Dr. Cismas. “Length of time and cost will depend on the severity of the problem, condition of the mouth and how long the abnormality has been present. It is really important to make these corrections at any age from a health and cosmetic perspective and the extra benefit definitely is a more youthful appearance and sense of well-being.”

Dr. Cismas’ online ratings are 5-star. William Ellingsworth summed it up in his review by saying “I never met a nicer, more humble, sincere, caring professional as Dr. Jessica Cismas. Her technique and chairside manner is first class and second to none. Her exam was thorough and thoughtful. Her assessment made perfect sense and she explained everything to me in detail, leaving no questions unanswered.”

“Cosmetic surgery is an art form,” says Dr. Cismas. “I have many patients who have visited me from Europe and South America for corrective work. Referrals seem to have gone far. Comfort and open communication is also a key player in my patient interaction."

“I treat everyone as though they are family. Also, I must love the finished product myself before I will even show the patient the result. My patient’s satisfaction is definitely my best reward!”

As if her days are not full enough, this remarkable woman enjoys spending her non-professional time at home with her husband Marius, four growing boys and a brand new baby girl.

Jessica Cismas, DMD
Aventura Dental Group
20475 Biscayne blvd, Suite G9, Aventura, Fl 33180
(305) 935-4030
Instagram: aventuradentalgroup

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