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Don’t Start The New Year With A Ticket

January 5, 2022

Hallandale Beach Parking Enforcement Is In Full Effect

The City of Hallandale Beach is now enforcing all new parking regulations City-wide starting January 2, 2022.

New parking signs have been installed throughout the City indicating paid parking locations. All street parking payments are made through the PayByPhone service by App ( ), Phone (888) 680-7275, or Online. All residents are invited to apply online for our Resident Parking Program. This program is designed to qualify residents for Discounted Hourly Parking and to qualify those residents that live in a neighborhood parking zone to purchase Monthly Parking Zone Pass(es). Apply today - applications take 4-5 business days to process.

Residents who meet the following qualifications are encouraged to apply online for the Resident Parking Program:

• A person who owns and occupies a residential property located within the City
• A person who rents residential property under an annual lease and resides at that property in the City
• A person who rents residential property with less than an annual lease who provides documentation that he or she resides in the City at the same address at the time of applying for a resident parking permit or
• A person who owns or rents property in the City seasonally.

A qualified vehicle is:

• A vehicle that is owned or leased by a qualified residential owner or renter and is registered at the address used to qualify for a residential parking pass; or
• A vehicle that is not registered at the address but is owned by a qualified owner or renter of residential property who occupies his or her residence for all or part of the year.

Hourly Parking Discount

The Resident Parking Program qualifies residents for a special discounted hourly parking rate while parking in City Beach parking lots and in on-street spaces using PayByPhone. The discounted rate does not apply when paying at a physical parking meter.

Resident Monthly Parking Zone Pass

The Resident Parking Program qualifies residents residing in a neighborhood parking zone to purchase a Resident Monthly Parking Zone Pass for the neighborhood in which they reside. The program also qualifies residents for a 25% discount on the Monthly Parking Zone Pass for qualified Seniors, Disabled, and Veterans. Once qualified, passes are purchased through PaybyPhone.

Residents who park on City streets and live in the following neighborhood Parking Zones are required to pay the hourly parking rate or have a current Resident Monthly Parking Zone Pass for the neighborhood in which they reside on or before January 2, 2022:

Zone One - Golden Isles
Zone Two - Three Islands
Zone Three - Northeast (Atlantic Ave/ NW 14th Ave)
Zone Four - Peter Bluesten Park Perimeter
Zone Five - Northwest

How to Apply

Qualified Residents must apply annually for the Resident Parking Program. No in person or mail-in applications are accepted. Residents will need a PaybyPhone account ( ), current driver's license, current vehicle registration(s), proof of residency (current utility bill, lease agreement, etc) as well as proof of Veteran or Wheelchair License Plate or current Disabled Permit Parking Permit if applicable to apply. Residents may register up to three of their owned vehicles per address.

To apply for The Resident Parking Program go to,

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