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Dolly’s Florist: The Blooming of a Company

January 20, 2022

Dolly’s Florist was first established in the early 1950’s by original owner Dolly Bongouvi who owned the business for 25 years. During this time Lilian De La Flor would be initiating her career in the floral industry by working alongside her parents in their own flower business called Little Flower Shop located at the time in Hollywood, Florida. The De La Flor family were passionate and dedicated about their business and kept it running for over 45 years until they decided to purchase Dolly’s Florist in the 70’s.

Teamwork that makes the dream work
Dolly’s has a family that’s been together since the beginning, Today Lillian works alongside her daughter Kimberly Lue and son Neil De La Flor who’ve also developed a passion for the floral industry and hope to one day continue this growing legacy. Members like Marylee who has been working for Dolly’s for over 40 years as the manager, started at the young age of 16 and kept growing connections with customers over the years giving great customer service and problem solving techniques. Janine, Donna and K.C. who also worked in office have been with Dolly’s for many years. Janine even after retirement still enjoys making occasional deliveries around the holidays. Floral designers like Kim, Helen and Dennis have been designing amazing arrangements, each custom made with love and dedication for over 20 years and counting. Furthermore, Aldo has been making successful deliveries to our valued customers for over 27 years now, Wayne, Eric, Jerome and Steven form part of Dolly’s internal staff that make everything run smooth. Dolly’s has been a witness to family events, graduations, weddings, birthdays, and unforgettable moments that makes this family unique and one of a kind. This is a team that keeps on growing while maintaining harmony and a family work environment which lets them keep their essence as the family company that everyone knows and loves.

If you can think it, we can make it
Dolly’s Florist prides itself on creating custom arrangements. Over the years, the company has created unique designs such as, Hats, boxing gloves, a helmet for the Miami Dolphins, a football for Superbowl Week, a giant microphone, a firefighter emblem, university logo, names, and so much more. If you can think it, dolly’s can make it.

Dolly’s Today
Today, Dolly’s has become one of Miami’s premier florists in the area, selling great quality flowers all over the nation, participating in VIP events such as, Miami Fashion Week and MTV Video Music Awards. Dolly’s has focused on giving top tier customer service and being home to a family that has worked tirelessly for over 3 generations to make Dolly’s the success it is today and paving the way for many more generations to come.

Dolly’s Florist strives on giving exceptional quality floral arrangements. Giving great customer service and exceeding our customers’ expectations and creating anything you can think of through floral design.

Dolly’s envisions a future where everyone can get great quality arrangements at an accessible price.

Dolly’s deeply values the significance of family, that is why it strives on creating a safe and heart- warming environment for its customers and staff.

Dolly’s values a job well done, that is why it works hard every day to always give the best of the best quality floral arrangements.

With Valentines day coming up, show that special someone you care with a one of a kind arrangement, check out our website and make your next order today! At

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