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Critical Race Theory: Explained and Opposed By Black Americans

By Project 21

February 17, 2022

Critical Race Theory (CRT) is "a bad idea for America [and] especially hurtful for black Americans," said members of the Project 21 black leadership network, who have released a new primer that both defines CRT and offers unifying alternatives.

The primer, entitled "What Critical Race Theory Means for Black America," is unique in that it offers insight into what black Americans think about the issue, why they oppose CRT and what they believe would better unite Americans and promote prosperity in black communities.

"Critical Race Theory is like cancer, metastasizing over the American cultural landscape," said Project 21 Co-Chairman Stacy Washington. "The remedy is eradication through a focus on true black history. Black Americans have made rich historical contributions beyond slavery and the peacefully-executed Civil Rights Movement. True black history connects us to our past and each other, while CRT only divides us and leaves destruction in its wake."

"What Critical Race Theory Means for Black America" - the first in Project 21's "What It Means for Black America" series - offers a concise and authoritative overview of the spread of CRT:

• How CRT was developed by the left and what it is meant to do
• How CRT has been injected into American culture to reshape society
• How corporate America and the American bureaucracy and military are promoting CRT
• How the Biden Administration is helping implement the CRT agenda
• How some Americans are pushing back against CRT's "woke" programming

"Project 21's study of Critical Race Theory provides an expansive look into the toxicity of the race-centered indoctrination that has permeated American schools, corporations, federal agencies and even the military," said Project 21 member Stone Washington. "It dissects CRT's many lies - exposing its hideous Marxist-based philosophy that pits race against race, paints all white Americans as irredeemably racist and depicts black Americans as oppressed victims while branding society as having racism systemically intertwined in every aspect of societal relations."

The CRT primer doesn't’ simply complain about CRT - it also outlines several ideas to improve both the lives of black Americans and race relations generally. These include ending racist Davis-Bacon Act labor rules, embracing Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s opposition to group rights, agreeing that financial reparations for slavery would only increase discrimination and acknowledging that the Marxist underpinnings of CRT have been extremely harmful to minority groups around the world.

"Critical Race Theory is just the latest example of the soft racism of low expectations," said Donna Jackson, Project 21's director of membership development. "It assumes blacks are helpless victims incapable of competing on their own merit and overcoming obstacles. It is both false and damaging."

A downloadable PDF version of "What Critical Race Theory Means for Black America" is available through Project 21's website by visiting

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