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City of Hollywood Property Improvement & Business Opportunities

June 8, 2021

The City of Hollywood has launched a new promotional campaign called “Homegrown Hollywood.”

The Commercial Property Improvement Program (CPIP) is an incentive program designed to improve the facades of publicly or privately owned commercial or industrial buildings along specific commercial corridors. This program is based on the premise that exterior improvements to commercial buildings in highly visible locations, will stimulate private investment, attract customers and result in, new economic opportunities.

Grant funding of up to $25,000 per property/property owner is available to commercial and industrial property owners that intend to restore, renovate or improve the exterior facade of their property.

Per CPIP guidelines, eligible properties must be located within the designated Low and Moderate Income (LMI) areas and include the following commercial and industrial corridors: Johnson Street from 72nd Avenue to 55th Avenue, Hollywood Boulevard from 72nd Avenue to 22nd Avenue, U.S. 441 North of Atlanta Street to Pembroke Road, Dixie Highway/North 21st Avenue from Sheridan Street to Pembroke Road & Federal Highway/U.S. 1 from Sheridan Street to Pembroke Road.

Interested participants are encouraged to attend one of the Public Information Sessions, to learn how to apply for this reimbursable grant. For more information, go to:

Apply To Have Your Business Featured In
"Homegrown Hollywood" Promotional Videos
During the Pandemic, consumers stayed home and shopped on-line. Now with restrictions lifted, brick and mortar businesses are working overtime to bring customers back into their stores. Through the “Backing Business” and “My Hollywood” initiatives, the City of Hollywood has launched a new promotional campaign called “Homegrown Hollywood.” Several videos will be produced to highlight Hollywood’s brick and mortar businesses, who have been heavily impacted by COVID-19. Whether it is superior customer service, convenience, consistent product quality or store atmosphere, the City’s video production team will capture what makes these businesses stand out, in our community.

Are you ready for your business to be featured? Hollywood businesses that produce and sell goods are encouraged to apply by 5:00 p.m. on Monday, June 14th, 2021. One brick and mortar location from each District will be chosen at random to appear and represent a cross section of Hollywood businesses. There is no cost for businesses to be featured in this unique marketing opportunity. For additional information and to apply, please visit the City’s web-site at:

Free Individual Business Mentoring
SCORE Broward offers personal, remote mentoring sessions with local seasoned business professionals who are committed to helping the local business community through this challenging time. Sessions are typically one-hour in length. Prepare to discuss opportunities or issues related to your business. Schedule your phone or video mentoring session on-line today and for more information, go to:

Business Education Programs
SCORE Broward is offering several on-line, interactive workshops on a variety of business topics through the remainder of the year. The workshops are held in a live webinar format led by local business professionals with specific knowledge on starting and running businesses in Broward County and in the City of Hollywood. Over the next several months, the focus of the workshops will be on COVID-19 Pandemic Recovery and for more information, go to:

Advanced Business Solutions Team
A team of three experienced business professionals will meet with your management team at your business location or by video. The teams usually meet 3 or 4 times with the goal of providing in-depth consulting services and to establish an action plan to address the project of your choice. Eligible businesses should have at least 2 Owners/Managers and 3 Employees/Independent Contractors and to apply today, go to:

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