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Beach Renourishment Project: To Transform Hallandale Beach With Federal Support

By Hallandale Beach Mayor, Joy Cooper

November 17, 2023

On November 1st, Broward County began logistically staging Segment III Beach Renourishment here in our City. Associations along the east side of Ocean Drive received a letter from our City sharing the information and directing boards that no chairs will be allowed to be stored on our beach. Obviously we have all been anticipating this project, but notice could have been timelier and broader. Our City Staff is responsible for cleaning the beach, but the beach is actually under the jurisdiction of the state. Broward County is the lead agency in the agreement for renourishment and the coastal cities sign on to the agreement as partners. Hallandale Beach actually has to apply for a State Permit to do beach cleaning and to do anything on the beach. It is highly regulated due to Turtle Preservation.

The biggest complaint has been the timing of the project. We have zero control over when the project begins. Turtle Season ends on November 15th that is why it is taking place at this time. The contractor was able to receive permission to begin early to stage the project. The good news is that the project will only take 3 months and the beach will remain open.

Trucks will be coming to the South City Park and then travel down the beach to begin placing sand at the Broward/Dade County Line and work their way back to South City Park. Then they will remobilize and begin to sand fill from South Beach Park upwards to Hollywood. There will be flag people directing beach goers around the trucks. We are asking all residents to follow all directions of the contractors and their personnel to avoid any injuries.

For more information about the Beach Renourishment Project and its impact on Hallandale Beach, visit:

There has been another issue along A1A, speeding. Over the past year, two individuals were struck by cars at the crosswalk at our South City Beach. One has recovered and one is now in a wheelchair. These tragedies led to a petition to call for a Red Light Camera.

When I received the petition I was shocked as Red Light Cameras have been a lightning rod in cities around the state. To have the table turned and actually receive a request for one was a surprise. I believe in Public Safety Technology. The reality is we simply cannot have a police officer on every corner. Camera technology strategies are a way to have more eyes on the road and in our cities.

I shared the concern with the Commission. A few made it clear that they do not like cameras but since there was a petition, it authorized me to work with Staff to research the possibility of placing one on the crosswalk. A1A is a state highway so my first call was to the District Secretary who informed me they do not allow cameras on their roadways. He did tell me he would look at the crosswalk to see what could improve it. Cities can place cameras on their right of way and in partnership with private property owners.

Staff proceeded to work with one of the companies that installs cameras. It was found that cameras could be placed in our parking lot, and another would have to be placed on the private property of the Prince George Condominium. The company would not cover the installation nor the equipment as it was not a traditional intersection. The model is Ticket Revenues generated are meant to cover the costs. In this case, the City would have to pay the costs of $100,000 and then a minimum of $3,000 dollars a month for the service. Revenues over $3,000 would be shared with the City. Not the best news for the residents that support placing one at the crosswalk.

I will continue to work with Staff and the Commission to look at how we can improve this and other crosswalks to improve safety. This will include requests for beefed up Police Enforcement, roadway improvements and or more signage.

As we begin to prepare for our Holiday Season please remember to be safe! While driving put your phone away. If you must be on a call use your handsfree mode. There are effective Laws that you can be stopped and ticketed if you are driving distracted.

Please feel free to contact me anytime with your questions, concerns and ideas to make our city a better place. I can be reached at: Or: You can always call me at my Office Number: (954) 457-1318. Or Call/Text me on my Mobile Phone at: (954) 632-5700.

Working for You! Always Have! Always Will!

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