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Be Storm Ready: Hazardous Weather Outlook This Weekend

December 13, 2023

The National Weather Service Miami is calling for hazardous weather conditions through the weekend, including the potential for heavy rain, rough surf and gusty winds in excess of 40 mph. There is a possibility of localized flooding and gusty winds could down power lines and small tree limbs.

As with any unpredictable weather condition, it is important for your to be aware of your surroundings, seek shelter inside, and do not drive on flooded roads. Slow down when driving to avoid loss of control or pushing stormwater onto private property or into homes. Here are a few tips to help you stay safe:

• Call 911 if floodwater impacts your home and creates an emergency situation such as a fire.

• Motorists should not attempt to drive through flooded areas. Remember, "Turn Around, Don't Drown."

• Use caution with electrical appliances, electrical cords, and outlets if floodwaters have entered your home.

• Residents should not wade through standing water, and children and pets should not be allowed to play in flood waters which can contain contaminants. Following a heavy storm, sharp debris and other items from overturned garbage bins could be hidden in the water and cause injury. Standing water also may contain harmful bacteria that could cause infection.

• Residents should prepare to notify their homeowner’s insurance providers if they experience flood damage and seek their advice on documenting the damage and drying out your home. The same applies for contacting your vehicle insurance provider if you find your vehicle has been damaged.

Be sure to monitor a trusted news source, like the National Weather Service, for the latest weather information, and the City’s website at: for the latest on service impacts, parking fee waivers and more.

Help Control Flooding by Adopting a Catch Basin
While City crews work to keep the more than 157 miles of underground storm system piping and 4900 catch basins clean, residents can also help control flooding in and around their neighborhood by adopting their own catch basin.

The adoption is easy: just sign-up to adopt, take a look at the basin at least once a month & clean it as needed, then submit proof of your efforts. In doing so, you can earn points for rewards for helping to prevent flooding and waterway pollution. Help to make a real difference in your neighborhood and up today at:

You can also reduce the amount of debris that flows into the storm drain system by throwing coconuts into your garbage cart for collection, and ensuring your lawn clippings and yard waste is properly disposed.

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