Auto Tags of Hallandale:

By Austin Torres - PROFILES March 2021

March 15, 2021

Serving the community of Hallandale Beach for over 30 years

Among the many businesses in South Florida, few can say that they have been open for over 30 years. Thanks to the committed and outstanding customer service of founder, Randy Giunto, Auto Tags of Hallandale is one of those few exceptional businesses that are able to celebrate that milestone. Through their unwavering dedication to delivering customer satisfaction, and their “old school” approach to business, Auto Tags of Hallandale can proudly say they have been around since 1987 and are showing no signs of slowing down.

Randy, whose family roots in the area can be traced back over a half-century, attended elementary and middle school right here in the city. As a young man he enjoyed playing many sports like baseball and football at City Park (Bluesten Park) and since then, not much has changed. Randy is a still a major sports fanatic and his outgoing attitude and love of people have continued to make him a pillar of the community.

Randy has built a remarkable reputation through his various relationships in the community. His love of people and desire to always give back to the community he grew up in has garnered him an enormous and varying network of clientele from far and wide. Few can say that they have had the privilege of being in business for as a long as Randy has.

“I never left,” says Randy. “To be a part of this community for so long has really meant so much to me and our family. Through the years, even though we were based in Hallandale, we started to pick up new customers from all over.”

Randy’s experience assisting customers with a title, tag, renewal or the proper motor vehicle documents has helped establish Auto Tag Hallandale as a premier business in South Florida. They offer a variety of services that including assistance in registering your vehicle, updating your decal, or replacing it if it has been lost or stolen.

If you are a new resident to Florida and the city of Hallandale, and need to register your vehicle then Auto Tag Hallandale can assist you in this process. Bring in your vehicle's title from the state from which you are moving, proof of Florida insurance and a valid driver's license or passport.

For those of you who have lost your plate or decal, you can come in with your valid driver's license and your signature on the replacement form which can be found via a link on Auto Tag Hallandale’s website and apply for a new one. If your plate or decal was stolen then you can come with the same form and your license and the team at Auto Tag Hallandale will also assist you in the application process.

However, Auto Tag Hallandale not only assists customers with tags, titles, and renewals for automobiles, but they can also assist you with trucks, boats, motorcycles, mobile homes, trailers, and they will even provide notary service. Whatever the issue is you can certainly always count on Randy and the team at Auto Tags of Hallandale to take care of your needs with a warm attention to detail and a commitment that truly makes them stand out in a way that keeps clients coming back for more. Auto Tags of Hallandale’s client list includes businesses such as Chopper Zoo, Total Appliance, Wind Chill, LLC, Cusano’s Bakery, and Lee’s Locksmith & Bicycle Shop.

“The only way to stay in business in South Florida is through building long lasting relationships with our customers. That’s why so many of our customers and clients will tell you that they won’t go anywhere else for their vehicle registration needs,” says Randy.

Little has changed at Auto Tags of Hallandale since they opened their doors to customers back in 1987. You can still expect the same warm welcome and authenticity from Randy that has made him such a popular figure in the area.

In October of 2020, Auto Tags of Hallandale celebrated their second year at their new location in the popular 7th Avenue Village Shops.

“What a great location, our loyal customers will find us quickly but we are also excited about the new business that will walk in daily. We are right behind Marco’s Pizza and next to world of hearing,” said Randy.
For those of you planning on making a visit you can rest assured knowing that in light of the pandemic, Randy has enforced social distancing and wearing masks at his headquarters.

“People are wearing masks and social distancing. I’m only letting two people into my office at a time,” says Randy.

For those of you interested in visiting Auto Tags of Hallandale you can check out their location at 701 W. Hallandale Beach Blvd. Suite 106 Hallandale Beach, FL 33009. You can also contact Randy directly at 954.456.5771. Additionally, you can visit their website at