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Alpha To Omega, Isaac Mansur Wants To Help Protect Your Home

July 28, 2021

With his company, Omega Doors and Windows in Ft. Lauderdale, Isaac Mansur has your home or business covered.

His five-star rated company has a tech-trained and certified team that specializes in installing, replacing and repairing high impact windows and doors garage doors, barn doors, custom front doors, French doors, sliding doors, folding doors, and secure back doors in homes or buildings. They also design and customize outdoor screening of any size or shape, as well as provide repair or replacement services on these products.

But what Mansur stresses to residents in South Florida, is the importance of impact-resistant doors and windows. “I really believe every home and business in South Florida should be prepared with this type of protection,” says Isaac Mansur. Living in a hurricane-prone part of the world, high impact resistant windows can help preserve your home, storefront or office and keep your family and equipment much safer.” He added that the alternative, hurricane shutters, necessitate the home or business owner to struggle with heavy shutters or wood each time a storm or other threat is warned, or if left in place, would keep the family or business in the dark, during safe times.

“Impact resistant windows have other benefits, as well,” says Mansur, “such as reducing noise levels from outside traffic or construction, providing greater resistance against intruders and flying objects. They also reduce energy bills by reflecting outside heat and UV rays, while helping to maintain the temperature indoors. And, he adds, “impact windows can qualify for tax credits through Energy Saving Tax programs, as well as possibly reduce insurance costs.”

Mansur explains that high impact resistant windows combine the use of a strong frame and thicker laminated glass to withstand winds that reach up to 200 miles per hour or Category 5 wind conditions. The impact-resistant glass is manufactured with a thin strip of plastic layered between two sheets of glass utilizing a stabilizing lamination process. “Impact-resistant windows and doors are strong and are in place when you need them,” he adds, “and they do not change the outside appearance of the structure.”

Mansur is very knowledgeable about safety with windows, doors and locks. Born in Israel, he grew up in a world of construction. His entire family, his father, brothers and cousins, are all in construction. When he first came to New York from Israel, his background qualified him for a job in the field. When he moved to Florida 20 years ago, Isaac enrolled in a state-certified program that involved regulations and codes. This prepared him for exams that would accredit Isaac as a licensed contractor for the installation of windows and doors, in compliance with the stringent South Florida Building Code. That’s when Isaac formed his own company, Alpha Windows & Doors, Inc.

This licensing qualifies Isaac to bid on behalf of Omega Windows and Doors for contracts on commercial, as well as residential properties. Aside from homes, that includes installation or replacement of windows and doors on high rise buildings, hotels, shopping centers and factories. Omega’s most recent project was replacing the windows and doors at the Hilton Doubletree Hotel in Sunny Isles. Omega also contracts with builder/developers on new projects.

With this type of background and experience, Isaac can assess any problem situation and come up with accurate, fast solutions. Likewise, he is able to customize and adapt to unusual structural challenges, when it comes to screening and doorway challenges.

Omega Windows and Doors is a member of the Builders Association of South Florida, Florida Homebuilders and the National Association of Home Builders. All of Omega’s employees are certified, have undergone FBI fingerprint screening, are professional and work clean. They conduct their jobs under OSHA guidelines and respect client privacy during their time onsite, under the supervision of a project manager. Mansur is sensitive to a family’s needs. He and his wife Rachel have raised four children in South Florida. His son Ben, who attends Florida International University, works with his father. His intention is to become a project manager for Omega. Isaac’s cousin Leo is one of Omega’s field managers. So, in essence, Omega is a family-oriented business.

Other services that Omega Doors & Windows can provide are locksmith installation, repair and replacement, hinge repair, ball bearing roller repair or replacement, storefront glass replacement, frame repair, sliding door lock repair, molding replacement and anything having to do with windows and doors in a home or business. Omega techs are available for emergency situations and same day service. Instal-lation services are also available same-day.

Isaac Mansur is a professional. His team equally is. They are state-certified. They work accurately, clean and quickly. The company complies with CDC regulations as to Covid safety.

Isaac believes in making things easy for his clients. Job estimates are free of charge. Omega offers many payment options that include ApplePay, PayPal, Vermo, Zelle, traditional credit cards and of course, cash. The company also offers its own financing plan.

“My main concern is always for my client,” says Isaac. “We want to provide the best job possible, under any conditions. How well I know that family comes first. A homeowner should not be concerned about inanimate things like doors, windows, screening and locks. He or she should be most concerned about the safety of his family and we are here to help ensure that. The same goes for businesses,” he adds, “since equipment and lost time are difficult to replace. At Omega, we are here to prevent that.”

Omega Doors & Windows
4972 SW 35th Terrace Fort Lauderdale, Fl 33312

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