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A Letter From The Mayor: Beach Chairs & Where To Put Them

By Hallandale Beach Mayor, Joy Cooper

April 4, 2024

Over the past weekend I have received letters raising concerns over beach chair concessions on Hallandale Beach. During our March 6th Meeting I had an opportunity to raise those concerns and my issues over how our Staff had stopped allowing condominiums to store chairs on our beach after beach nourishment. My priority is our residents and in agreement to allow storage like it always had been.

We have many condominiums that stack and store chairs along the coastal construction line. This allows Condominium Staff and Vendors safe access to provide chairs and or umbrellas to our residents residing in condominiums.

I have always stressed and continue to stress that we have a Residential Beach. We have South Beach Park with a commercial café. North Beach, while being a city property, has a contracted service for beach chairs, and other amenities in which the city receives a percentage of sales. In addition, we have our North City Beach Facility. The rest of our beach provides access mainly for our residents even though the entire beach is public.

I want to make it abundantly clear to our residents. I cannot speak for every City Commissioner. I thoroughly support the storage of chairs uniformly along the coastline so our condominiums will be able to have this service which they have conveniently enjoyed for years.

To date there is no policy adopted by the commission. There is no agreement for scope of service nor Contract for a sole Vendor.

I do agree that a policy needs to be adopted as soon as possible for uniform storage, as well as possibly preset regulations and cleaning of preset areas ASAP.

While Staff implemented there was no storage, this was never brought to us.

My goal since finding out on March 5th was to expedite an agreement to a minimum to provide for chair storage at the March 6th Meeting.

While our Commissioners Vice Mayor Lima Taub and Commissioner Lazarow were supportive of taking action they wanted more information whereas like me, they were not aware that storage was stopped.

As of the writing of this article, we have an April 10th meeting in which Staff was directed to bring back a policy upon my request and supported by commission.

I encourage residents to view the March 6th Meeting on our City’s Website at: and click on agendas. Also please read the letter below.

I received numerous emails and truly shared our residents’ concerns. Please send me your thoughts.

If you wish to speak to me regarding this letter or any other issues, I can be reached at: Or: Or Facebook: Mayor Joy Cooper. You can always call my Office number at: (954) 457-1318. Or Call/Text me at: (954) 632-5700. Working for you! Always have! Always will!

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