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A City Of Hallandale Beach First: The City Of Hallandale Beach Has Installed Stormwater Pollution Prevention Filters

September 9, 2021

This pilot project will not only reduce the amount of plastics, chemical pollution, and debris that enter the local waterbodies

The City Of Hallandale Beach, is the first City in South Florida, to install a patented Storm Drain Marker System including, Special Pollution Prevention Filters.

The System was recently installed, into some of the Stormwater Catch Basins, in the Three Islands Neighborhood, Of The City. This Pilot Location, was selected based on Resident Feedback, about the width of, The Catch Basin Openings, in The Neighborhood and the resulting amount of debris caught and carried, into The City's Waterways.

This Pilot Project will not only reduce the amount of plastics, chemical pollution and debris that enter the local water bodies, but it will also provide an opportunity for residents to engage with the City. Community Members are encouraged to scan unique QR codes, placed on the storm drains, to upload photos of storm drain conditions in real time and report debris buildup, report illegal dumping of pollutants and also, to learn more about the City’s rules and regulations, related to stormwater, sustainability and environmental compliance.

“This is a great project that will do a tremendous amount, to help us mitigate flooding, by keeping our stormwater system clean. Our City’s motto is “Progress, Innovation, Opportunity” and projects such as these, are a fantastic example ,that our City is living up to that motto, for the benefit of all of its Residents,” said City Manager Dr. Jeremy Earle.

“In 2018, we passed Broward County’s First, Plastic Straw Ban, helping to reduce, The Sources Of Plastic Pollution. This Pilot Project helps us deal with The Local Plastic Pollution, which still remains. A great deal of Pollution enters our environment via streets and stormwater systems, so I am proud that The City is installing these and engaging our Residents, through this Pilot Project,” said Alyssa Jones Wood, The City’s Sustainability & Resiliency Officer.

The Storm Drain Marker System, is a product of SOP Technologies, in Miami, Florida, which provides technologies to prevent ocean pollution, prevent floods, and provide cost savings to communities and businesses around the world.

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