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21st Century Dating: Don’t Pull Your Hair Out, Predictive Dating's Fun

August 24, 2023

In a world where finding meaningful connections seems like an uphill battle, one company is revolutionizing the dating landscape. Attraxion, with its newly awarded U.S Utility Patent, promises to transform the way people connect with potential partners. By combining cutting-edge technology, immersive experiences, and a unique matchmaking algorithm, Attraxion offers a refreshing approach to dating in the 21st Century.

Gone are the days of swiping mindlessly through dating Apps or relying on traditional matchmakers. Attraxion stands out by providing white-glove dating services that prioritize the customer's experience. They go above and beyond by offering in-office saliva swab drug-tests, meticulously proofreading, optimizing "Love-Profiles" and employing proprietary techniques to craft captivating life-stories that truly reflect their customers. With Attraxion, you won't find generic phrases like "down to earth" or "easy going" on profiles. Instead, the focus is on creating a concise yet compelling narrative that piques curiosity and leaves you wanting to know more about your potential match.

At the heart of Attraxion is their mission to deliver a unique dating experience through mathematical prediction. Their patented software combines stunning 4k video, captivating soundtracks, and an immersive "Love-Quiz" to help users dive deep into self-analysis. The quiz takes users on a journey of self-discovery, asking 99 thought-provoking questions where they choose between options "a" or "b." Once completed, users receive a personalized "Love-Book" on their phone, containing their answers. The software then pairs them with someone who shares the highest majority of matching opinions, calculated on a percentage basis. It's an innovative approach that allows for a deeper and more meaningful connection right from the start.

What sets Attraxion apart from the rest is their commitment to filling a void in the dating world. They are neither a dating App nor a traditional matchmaker but offer a combination of both. Their white-glove services cater to individuals seeking a more personalized and thoughtful approach to finding love. By using their proprietary technology, Attraxion creates an emotional connection with users through image and audio analysis. It's an all-encompassing experience designed to help individuals connect with compatible or even opposite partners.

Headquartered in Sarasota, Attraxion was founded in October 2021 and has already made waves in the industry. Chief Marketing Officer, Debbie Carson, exudes confidence as she describes the company's mission to innovate for American singles continually. Carson says, "We intend to persistently pursue new frontiers in connecting people faster than ever before, coming to the aid of those who seek to build a future together." She further reveals that Attraxion is already developing three other products, expanding on their immersive experience. One of these upcoming products is the Stress-Number, which aims to connect individuals based on their relationship with stress and coping mechanisms. When we find someone who truly understands our struggles, we instinctively relax and feel a genuine connection. At Attraxion, they believe that opinions can bring us together or push us apart, and they position themselves as the ultimate connector. is the go-to destination for more information about this groundbreaking company. With their unique approach to dating, Attraxion aims to make finding love a fun and exciting journey of self-discovery. By combining immersive experiences, innovative technology, and a commitment to personalization, they are redefining the way we connect in the 21st Century.

So why pull your hair out in frustration?

Embrace the future of dating with Attraxion and let the power of predictive matchmaking guide you to a more meaningful connection.

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