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'Tis The Season For Aventura's First-Ever Winter Wonderland Celebration

By Joyce R. Forchion - LOVE Aventura

December 12, 2022

The holidays are in full effect as the City of Aventura kicked off the season with a rare appearance of SNOW! A simulated snow flurry captivated hundreds of ecstatic parents and children attending Aventura’s inaugural Winter Wonderland ceremony, which made its cheerfully “chill”-y debut on December 6 along the breezeway of Government Center.

The family-friendly festivities, which were organized by the City’s Community Services and Public Works Departments, offered Nutcracker-inspired stage performances from tiny ballerinas, along with contemporary dance and vocal presentations from students representing the Aventura City of Excellence School, and participating community groups.

Passersby usually recognize Aventura Government Center for its illuminated “Season’s Greetings” sign lining the landscape of the building, along with its gleaming display of palm trees that glisten in white and blue, the City’s traditional colors. Finally, we have an event that’s unique to our City where locals can immerse themselves in the sentiments of this time of year. Amid street construction, new businesses that are relocating to the city, and the annual December traffic jams on Biscayne Boulevard, residents considered the Winter Wonderland event to be a much-needed escape and reprieve from the hustle and bustle of the work week, and a pleasant transition into Christmas and Hanukkah, which were both symbolized with a community countdown to the first-ever lighting of the Christmas Tree and Menorah, both prominently displayed side-by-side for all to see.

While a life-sized gingerbread man and dreidel duo happily posed for pictures throughout the night, kids were having the time of their lives capturing their fun times in the revolving holiday-themed photo booth and jumping for joy in the snow globe bounce house. Parents took advantage of the complimentary cookies, candy and treats offered for their children’s enjoyment and marveled at the special surprise of snow, which marked the first time many of them– along with their little ones– have witnessed such elements as sun-loving South Floridians.

Aventura has evolved beyond the City with the enormous mall where we shop, dine, and unwind. Thanks to the long-term vision of the City’s leaders, staff, and volunteers, Aventura now serves as a prototype for municipalities seeking to create wholesome family experiences and promote community engagement, consisting of intergenerational activities uniting the entire family and touching each generation in a significant way. In retrospect, Winter Wonderland brought to life imagery from our youthful fantasies of snowmen, sleigh rides, colorful presents, and reindeer. We as residents are beyond grateful to attend another event spreading happiness and joy throughout the area – right in our backyard – and we’ll continue to cherish these precious memories of our City’s special occasions forever.

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